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Our Ongoing Optimization

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Our Ongoing Optimization

We believe in ongoing learning and we know that in today’s world the only thing that is constant is change. Our ChatPandas are taught to keep themselves abreast of the latest technological advancement in the cx world. We understand that businesses are always updgrading their services, terms and conditions, their relationship with their customers and try to stay on top of the industry game. At ChatPandas we try to match your efforts with our ongoing optimization techniques.

A/B testing email support strategies

We believe in doing A/B testing of our email drip campaigns and constantly strategize plans for your next email campaign. We conduct extensive research on your consumer market, buying patterns of your customers, their behaviours and interests so there is absolutely nothing missing in our email campaign strategy. Our ChatPandas are trained to pinpoint any weakness in the project. We try to minimize errors and do real time monitoring of all our email interactions. This means issues are eliminated even before they have the chance to resurface.

Continuous process improvements

Our CPI (continuous process improvements) start from monitoring the processes and then optimization of those processes. We understand that you have different business processes in place, but we still work on improving them. We take measurements, do complete analysis and draw conclusions. We also take and monitor customer feedback and optimize processes based on their suggestions and reservations. We take into account your business goals and user feedback and make continuous process improvements based on that data. Our systemic approach always yields the best results.

Refining your marketing approach

Refining your marketing approach consists of two steps: to gain record of your customer journey and also examining recent email campaigns and look for improvements. We understand the needs of your customer and figure our what they want and base our marketing campaign on their requirements. Customer’s feedback is always the best way to judge what to include in the marketing campaigns and what to steer clear of. We also work on your recent marketing campaigns and analyze areas for improvement to resonate well with the customer so their relationship with your brand can be strengthened.

Testing troubleshooting protocols

Because of our years of experience, we are able to identify areas of improvement in running email customer services. We categorize the tickets on the basis of first come first serve basis and also on the basis of urgency. Our top priorities in answering queries of customer on email is speed and accuracy. We try to pin point areas which need improvement and the causes of delays and try to deliver solutions. We troubleshoot processes and suggest software to increase the efficacy of your marketing processes. Our tech support experts recommend solutions which make customers connect with your brand as their toughest of tech related queries are solved by us.

Reviewing training programs

Want to increase productivity while saving time and resources? We welcome our clients to teach us about their email support requirements so we can improve our training programs. Our clients have been directly training our ChatPandas and teaching them about the requirements and core values of their business which has been extremely beneficial.

Drip campaigns

We do customer journey mapping and based on that test the impact of your drip campaigns. We also do A/B testing of your email campaigns and check if they have been able to fulfill the requirements which were set for them.

Sales strategies

We constantly devise your new strategies to upsell and cross sell your products to your customers through email support, increasing your sale numbers.

Ticket management

Our superior ticket management techniques include quicker resolution of tickets according to first come first serve basis and assigning them towards to someone who is best capable of handling them.

Complaint resolution

Our always-active complaint resolution process through our email support means none of your queries will remain unanswered. We design surveys to take feedback from your customers and devise our strategy according to their suggestion.

Employee training

Our state-of-the-art training techniques ensure our ChatPandas learn about your product, your values, your brand culture and serve your customers to build strong relationships.

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