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Your marketing campaigns

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Your marketing campaigns

You can learn about customers, their buying behavior and their purchase trends through marketing campaigns. Marketing campaigns are also an avenue for your customers to learn about your business. It’s always a challenge on how to present your message across in a short duration and how to formulate targeted campaigns based on your customer’s behavior.

We will become your voice to the customers and deliver the customers’ voice to you.

Your drip email campaigns

First we find out the purpose of your drip campaign. You may be launching a new product or service and may want your customer to be aware of that, you may be offering a discount, there may be a subscription renewal message sent to those whose membership is about to expire, you may be wanting to send a promotion as a reminder to the customer who has left a product in his cart. We can work with your team to effectively devise an email campaign for you best suited to your needs. 

On-boarding email campaigns

We understand the buyer’s journey and that’s why we know that only having a subscriber to your website is not enough. A new customer may be interested in your brand, but it is our responsibility to drive them towards sales. A drip campaign may be devised in which a customer is welcomed, and since they are new, they should be introduced towards your business and your values. We can make email templates which align with your businesses and come across as appealing to your customer. 

Outdoor marketing campaigns

In order to make your outdoor marketing campaigns more effective, you need more insights into your customers’ interests, purchase trends and behaviors. We can not only provide you with their purchase trends, but we can also send them survey feedback to ask them relevant questions which can help you to devise your outdoor marketing campaigns.

 Digital marketing campaigns

If you are not utilizing the latest digital marketing techniques to target your customer, you are missing out on a lot. We can send email campaigns to dormant customers reminding them of the features of your products. We can send promtions and incentives to those who have the produxts in the cart, we can send testimonials to give a message to the customers that others are taking the benefit of the said product or we can simply tell them about your business and what you stand up for. You can take full advantage of our digital marketing services.

Seasonal email campaigns

We can analyze the trends of your customer and monitor the performance of your seasonal email campaigns. If you have launched the campaign for a new release or for holiday season, we can monitor it’s performance, analyze results and share it with your team to let you know how successful it has been and the improvements which can be made to make it better.

Referrals marketing campaigns

We can manage referral marketing campaigns for you. We can assist you in offering rewards for your customers for generating a referral.

Inbound email tickets

You may think you are handling you inbound tickets right but with ChatPandas your ticket management system can be much more efficient plus it is available 24/7.

Product inquiries

We make our ChatPandas familiarize with the ins and outs of your product so they are better equipped to handle all kinds of product inquiries.

Discount coupons

We can provide email template for you to attract your customers and drive them towards a sale by offering them a discounts and promotion.

Mass email marketing

ChatPandas can help you with the right email template and to design emails effectively so they do not reach the spam folder of your customers.

Drip campaigns

Whether it is about gathering data, identifying your customer, classifying them into different segments, designing templates and sending emails so they don’t reach spam, ChatPandas can help you every step of the way so you can effectively reach your target audience.

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