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Your customer workflows

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Your customer workflows

A customer doesn’t care about the time when the want their query resolved, it has to be on an immediate basis. They may have to go to several platform to get the answer to their issue. It all depends on your business needs the way you want to be available to your customers. Do you want an in app support system or do you want your customers to reach out to you with the problem documented? 

This arises a need to understand customer workflows so we can plan a strategy which makes reaching customers easier.

Email ticket management system

Outsourcing your email ticket management system to ChatPandas can be an excellent choice when it comes to answering queries quickly and efficiently. Your current strategy of replying to the queries of your customers may not be giving you the results that you want. Outsourcing it to us will not only make it quicker, more efficient but it also means that you will be getting the experts in the field for analyzing the behavioral trends of your customers and strategizing techniques based on the findings.

Response times

Customers hate nothing more than long waiting times and not every customer can wait a few business days for the resolution of their queries. Providing high quality customer service with quick response time is not a choice, it’s a necessity. When a customer is heard and their problems are resolved quickly, this makes their customer experience better and leads to higher customer retention.

User permissions and controls

There may be a lot of customers demanding access to a certain feature of your product or service. Manually handling all of them can be a tedious task in itself and can increase chances of errors. This is when expert services come in handy. Our ChatPandas can automate the whole process or you, making is hassle free and decrease the chances of errors.

Software and apps to useKill Two Birds With a Stone

Your staff may have more important things to do like app development and product research then fixing errors in software and apps you use for your email tickeing system. Outsourcing frees up the your time, decreases the risk of errors and makes sure you are available for your customers 24/7.

Scheduling engagement activities24/7 Database for Upcoming Prospects

As we are an expert in analyzing buyer trends and we closely monitor their purchase behavior, we can assist you in developing and executing plans to engage with your customers. Our strategy also includes a very important aspect which is the frequency of email campaigns and engagement activities. By hiring ChatPandas, you’ll be in a better position to engage with your customers and take advantage of our comprehensive research. We can use schedule the frequency of the activity from the findings we get from our research.

Managing conversions and product sales

We understand the importance of developing sales strategies to reach sales goals. If you outsource your email support to ChatPandas, we can help your sales team to organize tasks, take advantage of latest research and manage conversions. You invest this time into product development and conducting user research.

Existing FAQs and Knowledge banks

In order to take the burden off of your staff, we can take the responsibility of updating your FAQS and knowledge banks. Since we are also solving questions 24/7, we can provide you all the information about the questions which are frequently asked and the information most of the customers may be looking for.

Tickets software

ChatPandas can manage your ticket software and provide a quick response time of 30 minutes, increasing customer satisfaction.


We can update your FAQs and knoelwdge banks with all the relevant information so you can save time and resources to focus on your core tasks.

Self service

Our email agents can help your staff deal with self-service submissions from your customers. We develop sustainable solutions by employing a long term approach towards self-service submissions.

Ticket submittingExisting FAQs and Knowledge banks

We can help you with tickets submitted for resolution. Our ChatPandas are an expert in categorizing the tickets and then responding to them quickly.

Tickets assignment

We can also assign the tickets submitted by your customers thus freeing up your time and resources.

Resolving complaints

Our complain resolution techniques are the finest in the market. Once you hire us, you’ll never have to worry about answering complains of your customers. 

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