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Your business values and culture

Stay online round the clock to answer every chat, solving visitor queries, & maintaining your positive image.

Keeping your company’s promises

Your company’s promises is what is prevalent in all of your email campaigns. You promise a new customer about what you are going to provide to them, you promise a leaving customer about how you will be sticking to your word. In every situation and in every drip campaign, there’s a clear declaration of your intention to keep them no matter the situation. We can help you to hold on to your business promises and maintain the trust of your customers. 

Your business values and culture

At ChatPandas, we understand that the values and culture of a business makes up what it is. We work hard to understand your business, your culture, your existing processes and we learn it so well that no one is able to tell that we are separate from your team. We can help you serve your customers and in making them understand how you are different. The ways that you reach out to your customers is derived through your culture.

Brand values in email strategy

Your core business values are your identity, something your customers can identify throughout your business strategy. It is shown in every aspect of your email campaign. Your relationship with your customers is upheld on the pillars of your brand values. Your values should also reflect in your customer resolution management. If one of your values is honesty, you can see ChatPandas honestly answering every question. If professionalism is one of your values, you will notice the presence of hard work and professionalism in every task that we accomplish for your business. We will satisfy every customer with the level of professionalism they expect from your brand.

Following your business vision

A vision is to a business what a seed is to a plant. When you founded your business, you may have a vision behind it. You must have passed it on your team to carry it forward. Every action of your brand should be towards the vision you saw while creating that business. When you ask questions from your customers, you make them an extension of your business and make them a part of your vision and empower them with the knowledge that they can become a part of your vision. Customers feel important with this information and they realize that they have a chance to make an impact on your company’s decisions and in turn affect the direction of your industry. With our email drip campaign, we strengthen this bond between you and your customers.

Respecting your brand culture

Your brand culture is incorporated into every aspect of your business from your product to your marketing campaigns. Your email customer service should be reflecting your brand culture and showing to your customers. Our ChatPandas can help you optimizing it so it can be a part of your customer experience.

Employee training

During the training of our ChatPandas, we have our focus on teaching the importance of your brand culture and brand values more than anything else. It’s something we never compromise on.

 Promises in CRM

We train our ChatPandas on multiple CRM and constantly look for ways to improve it, we also work on teaching your business promises to our ChatPandas.

Voice of your brand

You drip campaigns and email replies will always be the voice of your brand and we utilize it to better connect to your customers.

Vision in marketing

You may be already sending successful email marketing campaigns and our goal is to work on strategies keeping your vision in mind.

Motivating employe

The best employee is an appreciated employee. We make sure to reward those employees who connect to your customers keeping your vision and mission in mind.

Maintain your image

We never compromise on your brand image and always try to upheld your reputation with our email drip campaigns.

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