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Drip campaigns

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Drip campaigns strategy

Drip campaigns, if effective, can make your customers take actions that you want. We constantly track the buyer journey and purchase history of your customer. If your customer is constantly visiting a web page, they may receive an email about how our existing customers are giving us rave reviews. Similarly, the customers who have a product in their cart may get an email reminder about the benefits of the product or a new promotion, driving them towards a sale.

Prospects List Management

Based on your target audience, we can make prospect lists for your business. The lists can be further categorized based on their interest in your products or services. We can not only work on email drip campaigns for you, but we can also save your time and resources by working on your prospects lists. This data will assist you in targeting your prospective customers. 

Email templates and content

Confused about the content and template of your email?
We can help you with that!

Our trained experts can customize your email template in your email drip campaign based on the needs of your customer. We make sure to design the content of the email in such a way that it never reaches the spam folder. Our experts design emails to make sure it resonates with the target audience and they not only open and read it, but are compelled to take action on the basis of the content. We keep informing your customers about the new product or promotions, and even design email campaign for your new customers informing them about what your business stands up for.

Frequency of emails

At ChatPandas, we understand the importance of the frequency of the emails. We set the schedule of the drip email campaigns based on the interest of the customer and if they’ll be compelled to take action at that time or not. We also divide the customers into different groups and customize the frequency of your emails. A lot of thought and research goes into the schedule of our drip campaign frequency as well.

Drip campaigns reporting

We constantly monitor the processes in drip campaigns and make sure to collect data and study it further for future campaigns. This data is also shared with you so you can measure the effectiveness of the campaign. We have the latest data scrapping techniques to collect the data, experts to analyze it and get results based on our analysis. We make reports based on our findings so next campaigns can be designed based on them.

Outsource email customer services for action confirmations

We make personalized drip campaigns based on the action the customer is taking. This makes the whole experience more personalized to the customer and it also provides us with an opportunity to show them the products they might be interested in.

Offering recommendations

For your existing customers, we send them emails suggesting them other products or services they might also be interested in.

Membership renewals

We send your customers emails about how they can renew their membership or subscription and remind them that their current membership is reaching an expiry, spurring them to take action.

Delivering notifications

Our delivery notifications make the customers feel valued, personalize the experience for them and make them give attention to your business.

Departing subscribers

We can offer your departing subscribers an incentive for them to stay or show them what they are going to miss, turning a losing customer into an opportunity.

Educational content

If you have any course, blog, training or workshop, we make sure we send email campaign to your customers.

On boarding emails

Your new customers also deserve a treat! To make them feel welcomed, we send them emails about the brand, familiarizing them and can also send a discount their way, according to your company’s policies.

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