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Resolution Rate

Resolution Rate

We delve deeper to provide both immediate and sustainable solutions, resulting in a high resolution rate.

Email resolution rate refers to the speed at which customer queries are resolved or answered within a defined time frame. It can be a challenge to maintain a high resolution rate while ensuring that each response is of the highest quality. It is essential to consider the customer’s expectations of response time in relation to the specific product or industry.

In the SAAS industry, the resolution rate is a critical metric that reflects the overall effectiveness of a support desk. While prioritizing the customer’s convenience, we place emphasis on providing high-quality responses over quantity, while also ensuring speedy replies. We aim for a 95% resolution rate within a couple of hours’ turnaround time, while also keeping an eye on the first contact resolution (FCR). Our email resolution rate time threshold is set at 24 hours, ensuring that we maintain efficient communication with our customers.

Importance of Resolution Rate

Maintaining a high resolution rate is essential in building and retaining customer trust and loyalty towards a brand. Discovering the resolution rate serves as a key indicator for evaluating numerous metrics such as first call resolution, agent effectiveness, customer satisfaction, customer experience, and net promoter score. A superior resolution rate signifies a top-notch output of these metrics, which significantly influences customer contentment. The percentage outcome of this measure conveys the triumph narrative of ticket resolution and measures the attainment of service level commitments.

How we Calculate this Metric

By constantly updating our stacked bar chart with data related to closed and unclosed tickets for each representative’s account, we calculate the average resolution rate on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis using a straightforward formula. To achieve this, we subtract the number of unresolved requests from the total number of received email requests in a specified time frame and divide the result by the total number of received requests. This method allows us to accurately measure and monitor the resolution rate of our team’s email requests over time.

How we Optimize this Metric

To optimize resolution rate, we consider various factors that are unique to each product and brand.

Agent Performance Benchmark

Let’s say we have a stacked bar chart displaying the weekly resolution rates of two representatives: one who resolves a set number of tickets quickly and another who does so at a slower pace. Instead of focusing solely on the number of tickets resolved, we take a deeper dive to understand the quality of their responses. By analyzing the approach of both agents, we can identify the criteria that ultimately lead to increased customer loyalty and sales.

Product Knowledge Base

Our analytics team conducts an extensive examination of your product to create a comprehensive knowledge base, which is then stored in the system to assist reps in providing support. This information is indexed with relevant keywords, making it easily accessible with just a few clicks.

Proactive Live Support

Each project’s support team is equipped with analytics and senior agents who ensure that the best possible solutions are provided promptly, with even the most challenging inquiries being resolved within our established time limits.

Canned Email Messages

We recognize that providing solutions to customer queries may take time and effort, whereas sending quick alerts may seem effortless. Therefore, we have developed pre-written email messages that are tailored to respond to each query within the first 15 minutes. However, our support team also employs a systematic approach to deliver personalized solutions for resolving all queries.

Extensive Training

We recognize that knowledge management is only part of the equation for effective customer support; that’s why we invest in comprehensive training programs to equip our support staff with the skills and techniques necessary to provide top-notch assistance. When we onboard a new client, our team starts preparing immediately to ensure they have an in-depth understanding of the client’s product or service, as well as how to greet customers and resolve issues in a personalized, effective manner.

Fine Linguistic Command

At our company, we place a high emphasis on effective communication skills for email support candidates. Our recruitment process includes multiple stages such as an initial online assessment to evaluate language proficiency, followed by a video interview to assess the candidate’s ability to express themselves clearly and professionally. Finally, the candidates go through an in-person interview where we assess their overall suitability for the position, including their communication style and problem-solving abilities. This thorough process ensures that we only hire the most qualified individuals who are equipped to provide exceptional customer service through email.

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