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Quality and accuracy

Quality and accuracy

Our support stands out for its quality and accuracy in understanding and responding to queries.

Our email support service excels not only in its rapid response and resolution times but also in its quality and accuracy. We have been consistently delivering exceptional email services with a satisfaction rate of over 90% for several years. To achieve the desired service outcomes, it is essential to thoroughly scan and evaluate the email messages.

As businesses continue to demand instant and error-free email support, it becomes imperative to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction scores (CSAT), first contact resolution (FCR), and other critical metrics. We ensure a seamless email response process by proactively troubleshooting issues and conducting real-time analyses.

How we Calculate and Optimize this Metric

Ensuring an unparalleled level of accuracy in resolving 90 out of 100 tickets requires a rigorous and exhaustive approach. Our team is dedicated to reviewing each resolved and unresolved ticket with precision, analyzing every detail, and constantly improving our communication methods. By doing so, we strive to create flawless email bodies that are tailored to our customers’ needs and expectations, leaving a lasting positive impression.

Spell-check and Grammatical Flaws

Compared to informal writing, crafting professional email content requires a different set of skills. We understand that every email we send represents our brand and product quality, as well as our company’s overall image. To ensure the highest quality of our email support content, we utilize automated spelling and grammar checks, formal sentence structures, and customized response options.

In addition, our senior representatives conduct rigorous quality checks on both instant and personalized email responses, as well as direct and spontaneous replies. They meticulously examine each response to ensure that they are error-free and align with our brand’s messaging. Our team also employs an advanced analytics system to track the performance of our email support, highlighting areas for improvement and ensuring that we consistently provide excellent service to our customers.

Create an Impact

In addition to identifying and resolving issues, we also assess the tone of our customers’ emails. We understand that providing the right solution is not enough if we neglect how we respond. Our team continuously monitors the standard of our email responses against a current benchmark template. This ensures that our replies strike a balance between being too formal, which may be difficult for customers to comprehend, and being too casual, which may deviate from the intended purpose.

To achieve this balance, we provide our representatives with periodic training sessions that enable them to respond naturally and freely while remaining professional. This approach prepares them to adapt to different situations and effectively communicate with customers.

Statistical Reviews

Our recruitment process involves a highly technical approach that provides us with detailed insights into the linguistic strengths and weaknesses of our potential representatives from their initial interactions. We analyze this data to improve our training programs and evaluate the productivity of each agent on a unified platform. This involves examining a predefined number of chats for each representative and comparing their interactions to those of their peers.

By analyzing these interactions, we gain a comprehensive understanding of each agent’s performance and the team’s overall productivity. We display this statistical scoring on each representative’s dashboard and our analytics dashboard, enabling us to identify best practices to use as benchmarks, acknowledge top-performing representatives, and address areas that require improvement.

Our aim is to identify and address potential issues as early as possible, thus enhancing the quality of our service and ensuring our customers have an outstanding experience.

Anonymous Checking

We also conduct random and unannounced email interactions with our support team, utilizing the expertise of our senior representatives and analytics. Through this method, we gain a transparent and comprehensive insight into the performance of each representative.

Right Responding

Our support service stands out from the competition due to our ability to comprehend customer queries and respond appropriately. We understand that incorrect or confusing replies can frustrate end-users and even result in churn. To maintain the highest quality of support, we ensure that our representatives possess in-depth knowledge of our products.

We invest heavily in training our representatives to the extent that they become experts on your brand and product features. This enables them to provide informed and accurate responses to customers. In case of critical or technical queries, our analytics team is always available to provide additional support to our representatives.

Ensuring Polite Responding

The opening of our email follows a standard format, including a salutation and the recipient’s name, and a closing line inviting them to ask further questions if needed. We aim to make the body of the email as engaging as possible, creating a sense of satisfaction and attention to detail for the reader.

Quality over Quantity

We are aware that rushing to respond without careful consideration can lead to wasted efforts. Therefore, we prioritize the quality of our responses over quick handling times. We understand that providing accurate solutions to customers is the key to building loyalty, whereas hasty and subpar responses are ineffective and unproductive. While we do allocate additional support during unusually high volume periods, we always ensure that the quality of our responses remains consistent.

Post-shifts Trainings

We strive to ensure top-notch email content by integrating training with our set standards. To achieve this, we continuously assess other performance indicators that include CSAT, CX, Customer Effort Score, NPS, and FCR.

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