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Net Promoter Score

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Net Promoter Score

Elevate your customer experience with Net Promoter Score and gain insight into what your customers truly feel.

Referral marketing has proven to be highly effective, as evidenced by several key statistics. For instance, when a product is recommended by a friend, potential customers are four times more likely to make a purchase. Additionally, 83% of satisfied customers are happy to refer their friends and family to a brand. Furthermore, referred customers tend to have a 16% higher lifetime value than other customers.

One key performance indicator (KPI) for measuring customer loyalty is the Net Promoter Score (NPS). Conducting an NPS survey is crucial because satisfied customers are more likely to spread the word about your brand to their social circles, both directly and indirectly. This can lead to increased sales and a larger customer base, as more and more people are referred to your business by happy customers.

How we Calculate NPS

Our approach to NPS calculations involves various methods, including:

NPS Surveys

We focus on a group of customers who are loyal to your brand, and their number is proportionate to your overall customer base. It’s important to ensure that this number is large enough to provide statistically significant results. Surveying every customer can be unrealistic, especially for large businesses, so surveying a subset or sample of customers can be a more efficient and cost-effective approach. However, for smaller businesses, we recommend surveying all customers to gather as many responses as possible.

Benchmarking the Right Number

To ensure statistically significant results, we typically aim for a response rate of at least 15% when conducting NPS surveys. Based on this rate, we estimate that we need to survey around 1700 customers to receive responses from 250 of them. However, if you’re not a fan of the math involved, you can simply aim for 250 responses and assume a response rate of 15%. Either way, we strive to achieve a margin of error no greater than 10% for accurate benchmarking.

Customizing NPS Survey

The standard NPS survey used globally usually asks the question, “How likely are you to recommend our product/brand to a friend?” and includes a graphic rating scale that ranges from detractors to passives and promoters. Nevertheless, we can tailor the survey to fit your brand or product needs by providing various options such as recommending to a friend or colleague, friend or family, friend, or colleague.

To ensure a comprehensive survey report, we take the following steps:

Surveying Real-time Inbox

At our company, we take customer feedback seriously, especially when it comes to the issues they’re facing with our products or services. Whether it’s late replies, irrelevant answers, slow resolutions, delayed troubleshooting, or unhelpful automated responses, we make sure to document every concern. We categorize these issues based on their respective departments, products, or brands, and direct them to the relevant support teams. For critical and recurring issues, we prioritize finding the root cause and resolving them immediately. We also update our self-service portal if necessary to prevent similar issues in the future.

How we Optimize NPS

Our proven track record of delivering exceptional email support has positioned us to conduct NPS surveys that generate valuable insights and foster deeper connections between customers and brands. These surveys have also resulted in significant revenue growth for our clients.

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