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Email Open Rate

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Email Open Rate

We increase customer attachment to your brand through high email open rates and exceptional service.

Email open rate is a crucial email marketing metric that gauges subscriber engagement with specific campaigns aimed at fulfilling a company’s business needs and promoting its products. The open rate, which usually ranges between 20-40%, depends on the content’s relevance to customers’ needs. After carefully mining and analyzing customer data trends, we design email formats, conduct A/B tests, and send quarterly or bi-quarterly mass emails that boost revenue by around 20%. These emails increase the lifetime value of your existing customers while also acquiring new ones.

How we Calculate this Metric

The email open rate refers to the percentage of subscribers who open an email campaign, excluding bounced emails. To calculate the open rate, we do the following steps:

  1. Total number of tracked open emails is divided by the non-bounce total, resulting in the assumed opens per delivered email. 
  2. This figure is then multiplied by 100 to obtain the open rate percentage. For example, if we send 100 emails, and 75 of them are successfully delivered while 25 are tracked as open, the assumed opens per email is 0.33 and the open rate percentage is 33%.

How we optimize this Metric

Our meticulous testing of email content, templates and engagement levels across platforms ensures that we achieve an average open rate of at least 35%. Given the risks of sending mass emails to customers’ inboxes, we take a rigorous approach to optimize the process and minimize the likelihood of errors.

Engaging Subject

We thoroughly study your product features and develop compelling content that captures the attention and interest of your target audience. Prior to launching any message, we subject it to rigorous testing to ensure that it meets our standards for engaging content.

Personalized Addressing

Our approach towards email communication is customer-centric. To foster a sense of attachment with your brand, we craft personalized greetings that address the customers by their name. We make sure that emails are sent from individual reps instead of the company name as emails originating from the latter are usually disregarded and marked as spam or promotional.

Organic Content

We strive to make our messages stand out and not get overlooked or deleted, thus we put a lot of effort into crafting engaging and informative content that captivates the reader’s attention. We understand that in today’s market, consumers are bombarded with various marketing campaigns on multiple channels, hence we take extra steps to create email content that not only looks appealing but also resonates with the recipient

Ideal Launching Time

Prior to launching our marketing campaigns, we carefully select the appropriate time by analyzing our past campaigns. Our research suggests that weekends are an ideal time to activate our messages as people have more leisure time to browse and make purchases.

Classifying Lists

Our approach involves sending targeted emails to specific groups of recipients who share similar characteristics such as brand affinity, purchase history, or recent engagement. By doing this, we aim to create a personalized experience for each customer that will increase engagement, drive loyalty, and ultimately boost sales. This strategy is also proven to improve the Net Promoter Score (NPS), a key metric for measuring customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Update Listing

We regularly review your customer lists to remove inactive subscribers and email addresses that consistently result in undeliverable messages. This approach has two benefits: it increases open rates by targeting engaged subscribers and saves costs by avoiding sending messages to unresponsive recipients.

Don’t Ignore Mobile Users

We understand that most people today access their emails through their mobile phones, and therefore we optimize our email content to ensure that it is easily readable on smaller screens. By doing so, we can reach a larger audience, as a majority of smartphone users prefer to access their emails via mobile devices. Additionally, we utilize effective messaging techniques, employ targeted customer relationship management strategies, and determine optimal marketing times to maximize our email open rates and ensure customer engagement with your brand.

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