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Prospects List Utilization Reporting

Get facts on every prospect and details on all leads.

The process of creating leads is very simple, but getting a marketing-qualified lead to the sales department may be quite challenging. In addition to money, it also incorporates competitions, trends, and most importantly, consumer emotions. Regardless of the texture, technology, design, or artistic endeavors combined to create a single good or service, the selling and advertising of that product is what actually makes it fly off the shelves. Assuring clients that you have developed a solution that is appropriately suited for them and ultimately fostering their confidence is the foremost requirement to get ahead of your competition. We carry out the reporting of your prospects after understanding your company’s needs, gathering your product expertise, and taking into account your consumer trends.

How do Companies Source Prospects?

Every source counts. Companies obtain prospects by using their CRM, traditional or digital marketing initiatives, and data that has been sold to other businesses. It doesn’t matter if it is internet advertisement or the landing page for a certain product, companies take into account every source. It provides an overview of client traffic for use or improvement. Regardless of the source, what counts is understanding the demands of the clients and providing a seamless purchasing experience.

How do we Convert Leads?

When it comes to converting leads, you cannot waste time. A customer will simply choose another business if you fail to convert them. Call centers, web forms, emails, and live chat are used to target the clients who were brought into our marketing funnel through outbound calling. Our lead conversion procedure involves adding value to every interaction in a customer journey and it leaves no stone unturned to generate revenue from your potential consumers. There are a lot of times when customers themselves do not know what they need unless you how them. You have to inform customers how your product or service will help them in their daily life. Everything depends on understanding the clients’ psyche, thus we do the following things to make that happen:

Pleasure Driven Motivation

Instead of using a hard and fast selling techniques, we focus on meeting the needs of the customers. We do so while keeping in mind that human pursuits are mostly motivated by pleasure. We first understand what impacts our customer, latest consumer trends, the needs of our target audience and their pain points before we form a marketing message for them. We try to make our messaging as personalized as possible to really make an emotional connection with the audience.

Logical Approach

If a consumer wants to purchase a computer and we offer them a car, it will be a totally nonsensical approach. This is why we analyze the data from our knowledge base, CRM, cookies and web analysis to monitor the buying journey of our customers. Our marketing strategies emphasize on how the our goods would add value to the daily life of our customers, rather than just approaching them with our products and their characteristics.


Human beings are born to be curious, to innovate and to learn new things. This is what motivates business owners to create fresh editions and models of their products, with small modifications. This also make their products in line with the latest trends. We base our advertisements and marketing techniques on human nature of curiosity. We send teaser emails and personalized messages to make customers want to learn more. Instead of making immediate marketing updates, we want to keep things covertly concealed to pique clients’ interest.

Tell a Tale

Since countless years ago, people have been telling their stories. As you read or listen to anything, stories encourage you to experience it with your eye, hearing, taste, and movement. Telling a story is a great way to connect with the customers and to build a relation with them. In order to provide clients a better understanding of how a particular product can benefit them in practice, we tie the goods and services promotions to everyday stories. We send personalized emails and messages telling them stories and tales of our visions.

Easy Going Solutions

Today’s generation seek instant gratification as they are a generation of the internet. We have been transformed into quick-moving creatures who seek for rapid gratification thanks to the availability of the web services. Customers are even ready to pay more for services and goods that are accessible quickly. They do not prefer lingering and slow paced shopping. Hence we provide our audience with what they desire: seamless solutions and instant gratification.

Make Buyers Stay Tuned

Teasers are used as the first step in our marketing and promotions, followed by some exposure. We begin revealing your product before it launches by promoting its characteristics in small segments. It arouses curiosity and enthusiasm while encouraging positive thoughts about the product.

Make them Feel Standing Out

Our prospective customers are more precious than gold! Imagine getting a call, email, or getting a notification with your name as soon as you visit a specific website or click an online advertisement. It is personalized, unique, and significant and helps making a customer feel special. By identifying the source of the traffic and immediately getting in touch with them using our exceptional customer service, we give our leads a sense of importance.

Create Community

Anyone can sell a product, but to build lifetime customers, we have to engage prospecting customers and build a community so they always feel welcomed and at home. When they purchase your goods, we immediately provide them with another relevant product or introduce them with a value adding service. In order to familiarize them with your product, we also include them in the cross-selling or up-selling process. Our goal is to increase customer loyalty by giving them a sense of belonging to your business and build lifelong relationship with them. This will not only increase customer retention, it will also give you referral customers and encourage repeat purchases.

Facilitating FAQs

Many qualified contacts or contacts take their sweet time to decide exactly what they want to buy before entering the sales funnel. They may refer to reviews, product specifications, multimedia descriptions or knowledge banks. For their better understanding, a brief but clearly written and easy to navigate FAQ section is effective. We help you build and maintain knowledge banks based on most searched and asked questions. Our assistance can help you include clear product/service features and an operational purchasing descriptions on your website, apps and also on our call center, and live chat setups.

How We Utilize Prospects?

We give our staff the responsibility of contacting leads as soon as we obtain a list from your company. 

Our first contact requirement is one hour, which means we must contact every prospect, inform them of our goods and services, simultaneously boosting sales. We advertise your goods to any potential customers who are new and are already listed in our CRM. After carefully examining and tracking the past engagement of these leads in the purchase process, we take this action. We use a five-time trial-based contact strategy that entails the following interval-based actions:

1 – Contacting the prospect within an hour

2 – Calling the number after an hour.

3 – Contacting the prospect one week later

4 – Text reminder for two weeks

5 – Sending a scheduled email two weeks later

We think this five-step plan of action is effective. If it doesn’t, we consider that lead to be dead and stop making efforts to convert it. In order to report on the use of our prospects list, we take a two-step strategy.

Per Day Reporting

We make two calls on the same day to your prospects to hear from them. After calling all the prospects, a routine report is generated every day. This data gives you a daily review of client conversion and sales activity and helps us prepare for next tactics.

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