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Technology and innovation

Centralized customer relationship management

At ChatPandas we have centralized customer relationship management platforms which serve as a customer database and provide a complete view of the customers’ data to improve customer experience and increase sales. We effectively manage the flow of incoming calls, messages and emails through our customer relationship management platform and can also provide automated dialing and streamline communication. It helps us organize data in one platform, provide a single window for all operation, increase productivity, boost sales, effective handling of interactions and improved customer experience. This means all of your customers will have timely handling of interactions while keeping you one step ahead of your competitors.

Analytical tools for marketing campaigns

With our superior data analysis, we can assist you how to better evaluate your content strategies in developing your products and services. Our ChatPandas can collect data first hand from your customers through calls live, chat, email or even through site visitors. This data can be a goldmine for developing marketing strategies and devising marketing campaigns and to effectively utilize your target audience. You’ll get our professional assistance and practical application to marketing solutions. Outsourcing with ChatPandas mean you get necessary software systems for data analysis and visualization tailored to your company’s needs.

Optimized solutions for customer services

We develop a training curriculum and strategies to provide optimized solution for your specific business. Your business may be more geared towards a certain type of support and that’s what your customer may prefer as well. We analyse what your business requirements are and develop strategies which not only reduce your costs but also provide better support solutions. If you experience higher traffic on call center support, we make sure to hire more agents and get more resources to expand call support for you. All the data gathered from your customers is centralized on a platform and analyzed to design plans for you for maximum efficacy.

Efficient queue management systems

Even the most professional service in the world cannot be utilized if you do not have an efficient queue management system. Nothing annoys customer’s more than long waiting times and that’s why we have developed effective queue management systems like IVR call routing, virtual queues, workforce management and call routing techniques to ensure your customers get instant responses and none of the lag.

Process development

Out continuous process development means you will have all the latest technology and highly trained agents at your disposal with advanced call center solutions.

Process optimization

At ChatPandas we can utilize modern and digital channels to improve customer experience and increase consumer engagement by our process optimization techniques. 

Security and monitoring

We have protocols in place to ensure highest security and our centralized customer management platform allows us to store and monitor customer activity through all possible channels.

Client data protection

We are compliant with General Data Protection Regulation and our ChatPandas are trained with highly professional approach so you can rest assured that all the sensitive data is always safe.

Reporting dashboard

We are aware of the reporting tools which allow teams to not only monitor and optimize performance but also simplify analysis. We can easily connect with your reporting dashboard and help you with analytics.


With the data collected through our CRM system, we can analyze it and provide it to you to help you with conducting market research and analyze trend

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