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Real Time Intelligent Reporting

Monitoring CRM with RTBI reports

The future of all the contact centers is real time monitoring, real time data management and real time reporting. At ChatPandas, we are ahead of the curve with our real time reporting!

We use CRM system to integrate all the customer information gathered through multiple channels to provide a seamless support experience. We use tools to gather data at the same time an even occurs and making the data immediately available for you. With our real time analytics, you are able to have a complete view of our call center operations. We also provide real time reporting, gathering data from IVR, CRM and workforce management and then provide it to you. You can use this data to analyse customer behavior and trends and then devise business strategies. Our RTBI reports can help you significantly to formulate future plans effectively.

RTBI reporting for marketing plans

With ChatPandas, you can be rest assured that all of your customers’ data is monitored, analyzed and reported to you!

No matter at which stage you are at your marketing campaign, we make sure we provide data through all channels stored in our customer relationship management software to help you analyze customer trends. These insights can help your organization with your strategic decision and to devise marketing plans. We take data sets and analytical findings in reports and dashboards and provide you with detailed intelligence about your customer preferences so you get the most of your marketing plans.

RTBI to optimize customer support

We have developed processes to obtain feedback from your customer after every customer interaction. Once we obtain that feedback, we analyze that data and provide it to you. It is possible that you are not getting satisfactory customer feedback because of your particular customer support strategies or they are not happy with the policies regarding your product. With this data in your reach, you can make plans on what to change regarding your customer support strategies to make your customers more accessible to better satisfy their needs. Not only do we provide excellent customer support, we also help you with strategies on how to optimize your customer support to sustain a loyal customer base.

Real-time business intelligence software

We have dedicated software and tools to gather business intelligence data for you real time so no time is wasted for you to analyze latest trends and develop strategies to better serve your consumer.

Real-time dashboard

At ChatPandas, we have access to a real time dashboard which can track KPIs and metrics to get deeper visibility into our performace. We can share this data so you get instant insights.

Collecting data

We are fully equipped with a centraised customer realationship management software which gathers data real time for you helping you get deeper insights to your customer behavior and trends.

Gauging responses

All the responses between our ChatPandas and your customers are recorded to make future interactions better and to help you get an insight into customer preferences

Measuring changes

Not only do we collect real time data, we also compare it with older data to analyze the changing trends of the industry and make comparisons how our customer interactions have changed over time.

Making predictions

With our real time business intelligence plans, we can help you in forecasting business trends and helping you being one step ahead of your competi

Creating reports

Our experts are able to convert all the information gathered using our real time intelligent reporting into reports to help you devise business strategies and stay ahead in this competitive economy.

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