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Multichannel Contact Center

Call center answering services

Calling is the most familiar customer facing channel and phone communication is the most direct and personal way to register complains, order processing, makes sales and follow up with leads.

Having a multi-channel call center answering service which are available 24/7 is a great way to connect with your customers and develop a personal connection. Our ChatPandas know the importance of effective communication and preserving your customer base. We have a multi channel customer support which means we are able to respond to customer queries effectively, regardless of the channel they come from. We are able to quickly connect with customers through various channels and store their information on a centralized platform so everyone is able to access their information without the customer ever have to repeat it. By providing an always-available call center service, we help you gain a key competitive advantage over other companies.

Live chat customer support

It’s fast, it’s instant and it’s simple.

With the ever increasing popularity of messaging services, live chat service became one of the most popular customer support solution. Having a live chat software on your website is an easy way to capture and generate leads. If a customer browse through your website and has a query, our ChatPandas are instantly available for them to answer whatever questions they may have related to your product. Live Chat service can also come in handy when a customer wants to share links, copy material from another source or is simply unable to communicate through any other channel and wants instant resolution of their query. Even if you do not have a live chat support software available, we can provide one according to your needs. Just try us and we are able to provide just about anything you need.

Email help desk and answering

Is the idea of sending and receiving hundreds of emails daunting for you?

Hire our ChatPandas who can do A/B testing of your email campaigns, help your marketing team by designing email content, make sure your email never reaches the spam folder and devise email marketing techniques which makes sure that maximum number of your customer open your email. We reply to email on your behalf, do helpdesk ticket management, send promotional emails and close tickets, helping you create the most satisfied customer base.

Product community support

Our ChatPandas are available 24/7 to provide community support to your customers and make sure they give glowing reviews to your business. Product community management is essential to attract potential customer to your business and to sustatain your customer base. WE go one step ahead and contact those customers who leave a one-star review, ask them about their experience and offer them discount, product replacement or compensations (according to your company’s policies) to change their one-star review to a five-star review. Our product community support makes sure that your distressed customers are converted to the most loyal ones.

Order placements

We provide your customers with the facility to place order through any platform be it call, live chat or email. With greater avenues of providing customer support, you maximize the chances of receiving orders and we make sure no sales opportunity is wasted.

Service subscription

We notify your customers about the subscription plans and asssit them with renewing or purchasing a subscription to your services through all channels.

Complaint center

Our ChatPandas listen to your customers’ complains through all channels, understand their distress, takes note of their complains and resolve them, all while listening to them with empathy and making sure they feel listened to.

Appointments booking

Your customer can book appointments, cancel appointments or take information through our always-available, 24/7 multi-channel customer support.

Customer feedback

We take customer feedback seriously! Not only do we take feedback from your customers, we turn it into organized data segments and pass it on to you so that it helps with product management.

Database updates

We gather data from multiple sources, update it regularly and we also filter out all the unnecessary information so you can save your time and maintain your customer records effectively.

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