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Inbound Call Center

After hours inbound answering services

Unanswered calls after office hours means lost sale opportunities. After hours inbound answering services means your business never closes and you are here to serve to your customers 24/7, 365 days a year. With ChatPandas, you feel confident as you know that even if you take rest, your customer support is never on a break! We are here to assist your customers till the end, no matter the hours. At ChatPandas, we know the importance of happy customers and nothing satisfies us more than making your business available round the clock to answer all customer queries. Our affordable, customized packages mean that no matter the size or the nature of your business, your customers will listen to a friendly, empathetic, human voice, no matter when they call. Our experience in inbound call handling means you’ll get top notch industry experts meeting the requirements of your customers.

Outsource inbound customer services

At ChatPandas, we live by this motto: Customer first!

This allows our ChatPandas to customize their responses according to the situation, cultural nuances, geographical location and the query of the customer. We are known to coax even the most distressed of customers and serve them with empathy, utmost professionalism and friendliness with our 24/7 customer support. We realize that a sastisfied customer may tell a few however a distressed customer may tell a whole world about their bad experience. Bad customer service, in this day and age, means losing business but fortunately with ChatPandas, you can always outsource your inbound call center services guaranteeing efficient and reliable services. Our ChatPandas work directly with you and become an extension of your business and our successfully proven process of always improving our benchmarks means you get the best in business. From answering queries to ticket management, to real time call center and chat support, we ensure seamless customer service through all channels while centralizing all your customer data in one place for easy access.

Inbound call center for small business

Having troubles with providing customer support 24/7?

You can outsource your inbound call center service to industry leading customer support provider ChatPandas with all kinds of customer support solutions. We take onboard companies of all sizes and assist them in optimizing the effectiveness of their inbound services leading to higher sales and better ROI. Our services can be customized in a way to adapt tot the dynamics of any business and serve their customer base 24/7 without any interruptions. It doesn’t matter the size or the location of your business, if you are in need of a highly professional, top notch customer support, you can rely on ChatPandas. We have a deep understanding of customer support requirements for every industry and businesses of all scales with years of experience in inbound call center services. Our ChatPandas can provide support from billing, subscription renewal, product information, upselling, cross selling, order returns, order processing and so much more.

Comprehensive inbound call service solutions

Our comprehensive inbound call center service solution means that Even if it’s not possible for you to have staff available 24/7, our staff can be available for you. Our services go beyond just providing inbound call center service solutions. 

Product assistance

Our ChatPandas get specialized training to be familiar with the ins and outs of your product and services. We become a seamless extension of your business and that allows us to guide your customers regarding your products/services and allow for maximum sales. 

Billing and payment query

Imagine a customer 3 am in the morning who is distressed because he has been charged twice. 

Here’s where a 24/7 customer support comes in handy! 

We take care of all billing and payment issues and make sure that not only your existing customers are satisfied but also your potential customer find it easy to purchase your services.

Inbound sales management

We do lead generation, helping your sales team in qualifying leads and converting them. We retain your customers, qualify marketing lists, upsell and cross sell to get more sales opportunities for you and get you a better ROI. 

Tier 3 IT helpdesk support

We provide upto tier 3 technical support and are able to solve issues like troubleshooting, system updates, in app support, bug fixes, remote installations and much more. Our ChatPandas are available 24/7 to provide all kinds of tech support and remotely resolve technical queries.

24/7 order management

You can outsource your catalogue orders, order management and fulfillment and leave us with the rest. Our ChatPandas are an expert in taking and processing orders, guiding your customers, solving order processing queries and even do return order management keeping in mind the policies of your organization. 

Warranty arrangements

Not only we help in selling your product/services, we can help your customers with warranty related queries, deal with warranty claims and inform customer with all the terms and conditions according to the policies of your company.

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