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Employee Training and Retention

In-house training programs for employees

Call centers are notorious for their high attrition rates and there may be an element of truth to that but at Chat Pandas, we believe we may have cracked the code. We have learned that mediocre training means high employee turnover and the implementation of a successful training program is a key to retain agents. Customer support representatives need to possess a number of skills from communication to sales, technical skills and empathy and unless an organization implements a thorough training program these individuals aren’t being utilized to the best of their ability. Agents who are trained well are loyal to their job, have increased productivity and bring higher ROI. Our training program is an investment where we spend time and resources on an individual and turn them into high performing agents which can in turn help your businesses thrive. We have formulated a training program built on solid, thoughtful and practical training material which sets us apart from our competitors and makes us proud to be presenting it to our clients.

Direct training of employees by clients

We encourage our clients to directly take part in our training sessions which provides them with a unique opportunity to teach about their business values, their brand identity, their vision and their mission to our ChatPandas. Our core values are ingrained in the principles which guide our actions and before training our agents any of the skill set, we constantly remind them that your business values form the basis of all of our actions. They are provided information about your company’s culture, mission, core values, vision and are taught about their role in achieving your business goals together. Since nobody know your business more than you, learning directly from you prepare them  to interact with your customers in a manner that is consistent with your business values and they display an integrity which is consistent with ours.

Positive reinforcement and recognition for employees

Workplace incentives are one thing no one will argue the effectiveness of. Our training program includes various levels of incentives where we include shout-outs for trainees who display increasing improvements during the training process. We believe that when employees are appreciated they make extra effort to improve accuracy and display higher customer service ratings. We use different activities, motivational sessions and methods to keep the sessions uplifting and appealing. We do not believe in merely teaching our employees, we believe in involving them and training sessions are the stepping stone of their continuous participation in the organization. We are proud of our agents who consistently raise their level of excellence and we make sure they know they are appreciated.

Professional and personal development

Our training programs not only focuses on direct skills related to product knowledge but also on soft skills like communication, need for a cultural change within the service, incorporating leadership, management, supervision, accountability and personal responsibility. We teach our trainees the importance of clear communication, critical thinking, collaboration, emotional intelligence and how these skills speed up resolution time and helps getting to the crux of the problem.

There may come a point while training that we identify someone who does not share our values and unfortunately, we have to let them go right away. This means you can rest assured that after the training program, the agents communicating with your customers understand the importance of business values, integrity and respect.

Training simulations and on job training

A clear understanding of procedures is beneficial but the practice to implement it is crucial.

We believe that our agents should get a lot of practice in dealing with customers before they reach the floor so they are an expert and handle the toughest queries confidently. Our training program incorporates role plays, real life scenarios and simulations to empower our trainees with as much practical experience as possible. This is probably the most important aspect of our training program as case studies, excerpts from real customer interactions and simulations not only empower trainees to build better skills but this also provides a safe space for them to learn from their mistakes without a client having to bear the brunt of them. Our state-of-the-art hands on training methodology includes call recordings, mock practice sessions, video and audio tutorials and story-telling techniques to include practical experience for agents. We are proud of the fact that our training and development program is effective enough to be able to cultivate new habits and behaviors.

Training key performance indicators

We can only improve something when we measure it.  We know that organizations struggle to develop and ROI model for training, therefore we have established key performance indicators for our training programs. An agent’s performance is directly proportional to how strong the training methodology is. We have set metrics and continuously review performance measurements like first contact resolution rate, quality, and customer satisfaction and training scores. Our ChatPandas are trained to know their KPIs, assessing their performance based on those KPIs and how they relate to their skillsets. We instill the habit of routinely comparing KPIs to actions so they are empowered to independently assess their growth. We use call center metrics to track agent progress and see which individuals need improvement and train them accordingly.

Teamwork efforts

We encourage team efforts and teach our ChatPandas the importance of unity, working in group settings and how they can help each other by improving the weaknesses of their team mates and learning from their strengths.

Commission benefits

Recognition for a job well done encourages trainees to have a renewed enthusiasm for the role they are about to play, improve their performance and strive for excellence. They are offered generous commissions based on their performance which pushes them to do better.

Professional training

Our training methodology includes professional training plan which gives agents a complete picture of how they transition from a trainee to a superstar on the floor. We include activities and games with every phase to include every employee while focusing on meaning oriented training approach and also encouraging note taking.

Rewarding systems

We reward our best performing ChatPandas and make every outstanding performing agent know that they are appreciated so they are motivated to do better and serve your customers in the best way possible.

Mentorship offers

We have a whole organizational set up of mentors which divides responsibilities and creates mentors according to the capabilities of the agents.

Compensation plans

Our ChatPandas know that we care for them which develops a relaxed environment for them to perform their duties in an optimal way. They are stress free knowing that the management will take care of other worries while they only focus on the job at hand.

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