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Cross Cultural Sensitization

Cross cultural sensitization for your global clients

Customer feedback, bechmarks, KPIs, training on CRM system is the science in developing call center solutions but the soft skills, communication and cross culture sensitization is the art and most contact center fail to develop the latter. 

One of the drawbacks people perceive with outsourcing is the barrier caused by different cultures. AT ChatPandas, not only do we recognize that, but we also take methods to reduce the cultural gap. Our ChatPandas are trained to perceive cultural differences and intercultural communication. We train our ChatPandas to understand high context and low context cultures and based on that, whether they should go beyond transactional conversations or stay right on point. Call center metrics are important but we do understand that they aren’t everything; what’s equally important is the ability to relate with the customer and the value of the conversation. We understand the importance of making your customers feel at home and we continuously train our ChatPandas to develop an empathetic approach, overcome language barriers, develop a neutral accent and customize their responses based on the context of the call.

Cultural adaptability to build business relationships

Our ChatPandas are able to comprehend different cultures to remove the possibility of misunderstanding and misinterpretations during a customer interaction. Cultural adaptability is a crucial aspect which can mean a great deal during customer interaction. A call center agent might be the only person a customer interacts with during a call so you have to make sure that you present your best face forward. Working with ChatPandas can not only mean you decrease the chances of misinterpretation, but it also means that you foster a long lasting relationship with your customer. Our ChatPandas are fluent in their communication and are updated on the latest trends and news of the industries in your geographical location. We have fostered compassion and relatability to the culture of your customers to breed familiarity which is optimal to calm even the most distressed of callers.

Business etiquette considerations

Different cultures may have different business etiquttes, different views on time, and different ways of approaching a problem. This is why having agents who understand cultural nuances and can overcome language barriers is very important. 

At ChaPandas, we teach our agents teach empathy, adapting to difficult situation, maintaining composure, adaptability and flexibility so they can provide excellent service to your customer. Our ChatPandas are trained to communicate with all kinds of cultures, those who view time as linear and those who consider it as flexible and they personalize their responses based on the culture of the customer. We understand that the more familiar an agent sounds to a customer, the more satisfied they are and that’s why we train our ChatPandas to  decipher emotions of the customers.

Business promises and values

Our ChatPandas with high level of intelligence, both EI and IQ, cross cultural sensitizations and a proactive approach will build long lasting relationships with your clients.

Cultural research

Our training team does a thorough job in researching about your culture and trains our ChatPandas about the cultural nuances and the updated culture specific business practices.

Client feedback

Not only do we effectively communicate with your client, we obtain client feedback and are able to decipher it because we have been actively learning about the cultural norms of your customers.

Social norms

As businesses become increasingly global, cross culture communication and learning about social norms become all the more important. At ChatPandas we embrace customer diversity and continuously update ourselves with the social norms and etiquettes of your clientele for effective communication.

Cultural etiquette

Understanding cultural etiquettes are a key to connect with your customer base. We go above metrics and KPIs to not just deal with your customers but also delight them by recognizing cultural diversity and turning it into actionables.

Adaptive strategy

Our ChatPanadas take a proactive approach in active listening and develop strategies in how to satisfy customers from various cultures. We continuously improve our training modules based on the feedback and data we collect.

Conflict resolution

We minimize conflict by understanding the cultural and by respecting social norms of your customers. We develop an empathetic approach and our communication skills to resolve all conflicts and stay with the customer till their problem is solved.

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