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Continuous Process Improvement

Process reverse engineering

Are you not getting results even after spending a lot on your marketing strategies?

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We develop customer experience by starting from a successful sale and working our way backward. This process helps us focus on customers’ needs and helps us figure out how your successful customers became successful in the first place. This helps us to create customer experiences for you with lesser resources. In the initial phase, we find out a real customer problem in your current customer experience. May be they received a product they are unhappy with or may be the customer service you are providing is not at par with your customer’s expectation. Then we address the problem with the solution that we gathered earlier. We, at Chatpandas, have a team who can make a strategy to help you then create a customer experience. After discovering solutions, we build a culture out of that solution and derive marketing content after mapping customer touchpoints on their journey. We help you become a customer centric company based on their feedback and refine your customer support based on essential customer experience metrics. 

Continuous Process Improvement

Success is keep beating our own standards. And this one of our coolest hobby.

Process reverse engineering

Protect your business from stagnation. We help your company grow at a steady pace to achieve your brand’s vision. We believe that continuous process improvement (CPI) is necessary for progress. Among other techniques, we rely on process reverse engineering for the smart optimization of your business processes. Our industry experts work 24/7 on developing, executing, testing and monitoring customer support processes. When we apply reverse engineering to an email marketing strategy, for instance, fresh information comes forth. This data is exactly what we need to pinpoint weaknesses in that particular strategy. It also reveals what components of that strategy have delivered the best results so we keep them in your future email marketing plans too. Coming back to the limitations of that strategy, these are sent back to the think tank for reconsideration. Our customer support agents measure the responses to these sections to determine why they were not suitable for your customers. Perhaps some parts of that strategy are clashing with related systems within that email campaign. In that case, we focus on increasing its interoperability value. We suggest improvements for these components and reconstruct them to better fit the preferences of your customers. Then comes the testing phase followed by the implementation of the new and improved version of that email marketing strategy. We constantly monitor its performance and follow reverse engineering principles to optimize it according the dynamic landscape.

Process optimization through feedback

In order to be successful, we have one strategy and that is: customer needs to be at the center of everything we do. 

Realigning the focus towards the customer makes them learn they come first and they feel important and connected to your brand. We are adept at collecting your customers’ feedback through various channels and provide data management, taking the load off of your shoulders. Our expert data management bridge the gap between you and your customers and help you develop strategies based on their needs.  This increased trust will not only make loyal customers but also help you anticipate their needs. Customers will look at your company for guidance, no matter where they are at their sales journey.

CRM integration and flow of information

Being available to your customers across all platforms is not a choice but a necessity these days. While you are available to cater to your needs on call, chat and email support, there is a lot of customer data which needs to be centralized. As a result, we have CRM integration which brings all these channels together and makes free flow of information possible. This makes for a seamless workflow where all communication is integrated and coordinated. We can link your website and your marketing campaigns with our CRM system which can help you in your business strategy. This can also help you in analyzing customer behavior and you can devise strategies based on that data.

Continuous process improvement techniques

At ChatPandas, we can assist you in employing effective process improvement techniques so you can make the most of your business processes.

Identifying CPI targets

Our experts can help you identify and devise the most successful CPI plan which suits to the needs of your business based on your target

Business process mapping

Our ChatPandas can map business processes for you so you can continuously improve your processes and get better customer acquisition.

BPI flowchart software

It is as important for business to not treat cWe can help you with flowchart softwares which can speed up the process of business process mapping and reduce the chances of errors.ustomers as a number as it is important for them to keep a record of customer’s data – to make them feel personal.

In this ever changing corporate world, it is critical that a business manages a well maintained database of their clients and we can help you with that. We can maintain your database and help with data collection and management, data analysis, data identification, evaluation, integrate billing, schedule appointments, create buyer personas, make customer journey maps and sales funnels, log general client information and help personalize customer journey.

Deming Cycle application

We can assist you with all the four stages of the Deming cycle plan for continuously improve your business quality and processes.

BPMS training programs

Our experts are well versed with business process management system to improve business processes. It can help you to get work done, serve your customers in a better way and generate business value.

CPI culture incorporation

Our ChatPandas provide superior customer support which can help you make CPI a part of your culture so it becomes institutionalized.

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