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Your Brand Culture

Helping you fulfill business promises

Have you promised your customers about immediate returns and are finding it difficult to fulfill it?

Meet our industry expert ChatPandas! We make sure to provide outstanding call, live chat and email support to your customers 24/7, round the clock, during peak seasons and off seasons. Our ChatPandas are always available though a variety of mediums and assist you in able to fulfill your brand promises. We are able to not only uphold your rapport to your existing customers but we also make new customers for you by being present for them round the clock. Our ChatPandas make sure that we create the most loyal customer base for you by fulfilling all of their expectation, understanding their concerns and developing an empathetic approach so they keep coming back to do business with you!
Nothing builds your brand reputation as well as ChatPandas!

Upholding the values of your brand

We make sure that our ChatPandas are as passionate about your business as you are!
ChatPandas act like they are directly from your company while interacting with your customers and reinforce positive resolution of customer complains. We empower our ChatPandas to take decisions without any approval because we have confidence in their training and we know that when employees are empowered, they display better performance. We have developed a culture in which we encourage learning about your business, your customs and ethos and we train our ChatPandas to the maximum capacity, continuously training them and improving their understanding of your business values.

Emphasizing on your company’s vision

Our training modules, call and chat scripts are developed keeping your company’s vision and values in mind. ChatPandas are always trained with the customized training curriculum we develop according to your business values and your strategies. We make sure that all calls and customer interaction, including the text and even the tone of voice represents your company’s values. Emphasizing your company’s vision is our top most priority and we make sure we highlight this aspect. We even welcome your managers to develop the training curriculum and devise scripts with us to further ensure that your company’s values are exhibited properly during every exchange.

Contribution to your brand development

We care about your success as our own! Our ChatPandas uphold your business values, your culture and your company’s mission and carry it in all of their exchanges with your customers.

Your brand’s voice

Contrary to popular belief, outsourcing doesn’t mean losing your brand identity, infact, it can be a way to improve your brand reputation. At ChatPandas, we always believe in upholding your brand identity and we become your voice in our customer interactions.

Employees’ rewards

Employees are driven by recognition and incentives. We make sure to reward those employees who understand and uphold your brand values so they are motivated to do better.

Constant engagement

We are contantly in touch with you to devise ways to serve your customer better. We believe in adhering to your policies and by being in constant communication we are in direct engagement to improve your customer support.

Company’s reputation

Your brand image and reputation is in safe hands! We treat your success as our own and make sure to uphold your reputation at every opportunity

Individualism focus

Our business is unique and that makes them special! Your brand identity and your values are unique to you and we not only highlight them but uphold them for you with pride.

Learning culture

We have fostered a learning culture and since no one knows about your business than you, we welcome you to teach our ChatPandas about your company’s vision during our training sessions.

Meaningful. Personal. Human.

Your best moments in Customer Experience are here.