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Adding Ease in Support Structure

We device technical support structures that are easy to follow and measure the success ratio.

Live Chat Pop-Up Window

If your clients can’t find your technical help, what good is it? We can assist you in delivering on your brand promise to provide quick answers for your clients. To avoid these issues, the strategy behind our live chat services has been improved to provide your consumers with the highest level of comfort. The live chat box that appears in the corner of your website is the first thing a consumer notices when they come. If they don’t need assistance, they can just dismiss that tiny window and carry on browsing.

Email Support Call-to-Action

When you outsource email support for ticket management, your clients will anticipate a response within 15 minutes. They rely on your email help desk for prompt responses, therefore we have come up with a solid strategy to support them. They can just click the call-to-action, which directs them to your website’s “Contact Us” page, rather than hunting out your email address and opening their mailbox. The needed fields have been changed to allow users to quickly and briefly describe their problems and file an email ticket.

Positioning Contact Numbers

Naturally, it is traditional to provide your full address, fax number, and phone number at the bottom of your home page. However, if phone support is your primary method of contact, you may go even farther. For better exposure, you may put it at the top of your web pages. A better solution is to have your phone support feature be your clients’ continuous companion while they scroll up and down. They can use this to make a single click to connect with a call operator.

In-App Technical Support Icon

Despite the fact that apps are meant to be easier to use than websites, users frequently become dissatisfied when they are unable to find the technical assistance section. By positioning a well known help symbol exactly where they can see it, we ensure that your users won’t have to search through menus. Depending on the layout and interface of your programme, it could be configured in a few different locations. It may be a recurring element in the upper right corner or a component of your application’s welcome page. They might open a ticket for their issue or speak with a technical support representative by choosing this support symbol.

Social Media Instant Messages

Customers always value a human touch in a company, which is why we prioritise social media as a key channel for technical help. By selecting a single button on your social media page, such as “Send message,” your consumers may start a conversation with you. A different button, such as “Shop Now,” directs users to your website or application for placing orders. By dividing technical assistance in this fashion, you can attend to technical problems as they arise without order management getting in the way. For your consumers, instant messaging is convenient,

Support Icons

Technical assistance icons are included in your application’s layout in a more visible location. As a result, your consumers won’t be searching everywhere for it.

Phone Number

As a call-to-action, the phone number for your technical assistance is frequently included between website content. Another strategy is to have your phone support available at all times when surfing.

Email Address

For the development and submission of email tickets for your business, brief email contact forms are excellent. The technical help call-to-action directs users to this form right away.


There can be a call-to-action if your consumer has chosen to search your knowledge base for solutions to their questions in the event that the article they read did not satisfy their needs.

24/7 Live Chat

When your customers require technical assistance later on, even if they don’t need live chat support right away, they remember that you offer it. It’s a quick and simple method to contact professionals.

Social Media

On social media, everything is straightforward, and the buttons for the instant messaging tools are extremely noticeable. To acquire a solution, your consumer only needs to visit your profile and click on this button.

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