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Target Achievement Rate

We believe in setting up targets, which can be external or internal to gauge how our call center solution can effectively achieve business goals. We develop metrics and standards that complement your business and your product or services.

How do we calculate target achievement rate

Your targets with our precision!
while outsourcing your call center services, every businesses has set targets to achieve, KPIs to track and metrics to measure. When you trust ChatPandas for your customer service interactions, we make sure to achieve your targets with 90% precision! Our target achievement rate is calculated by the following metrics:

Operational Standard

Call center service level is a percentage of how well standards are met for customer service. Service level standards are measurable KPIs to measure service provided to customers within a specific time threshold. We measure average speed of answer (ASA) with which an agent answers the call keeping in count the call transfer rate and abandoned calls, and that’s how we calculate this metric. 

Our standard service level is 80/20, which means answering 80% of calls in 20 seconds. 

If your set given target of agent’s response is within 30 seconds, we mostly make it possible within 25 seconds. So our achievement rate is: 30/25 x 100 = 120%

Typically abandoned calls measn calls dropped within the first 10 seconds, but we try to keep it within the 5 second proximity.

AHT (Average Handle Time)

Adding your Average Talk Time with your After Call Work time describes the average handle time. Its calculation is 


Another method is to add your total talk time with total hold time and total after-call tasks, and then divide by the number of total calls.

FCR (First Call Resolution)

To calculate FCR, we take the total number of queries resolved by the first touch point and divide them by the total number of cases handled by the agents and multiplied by 100 to get a percentage. 

FCR is directly related to CSAT scores. The higher the CSAT scores, the higher the FCR. We try to meet this target by 80%.

Occupancy Rate

Occupancy rate refers to the time an agents spends dealing directly with the customers and waiting for calls. Low occupancy rate means an agent is not utilized to its full potential while high occupancy rate may mean the agent is overworked which can result in agent attrition. 

It is calculated by:

Total Call Time / (Total Call Time+ Available Time)

Most call centers have an occupancy rate of 80%, however we meet it with 85% occupancy rate.

Cost Per Call

Cost per call amounts to both incoming and outgoing calls. 



Basic cost per call = Calls per Hour / Agent’s Hourly Wages

Fully loaded cost per call = (Annual operating cost + Labour) / Total number of calls per year

Call Quality

We develop our own metrics to determine call quality standard which includes the manner in which agents respond to call, how effectively they communicated with the client and recognized their needs. We also include how they took the customer towards the resolution and if the call ended with the resolution of the query.


Customer satisfaction rate determines how satisfied a customer is with a customer interaction. CSAT scores are one of the most important call center metrics and we continuously calculate and improve them by working with our agents and encouraging them to improve their performance. We calculate them by direct surveys, feedback forms and web analysis. 

We acSo our attainment rate is: 90/85 x 100 = 106%hieve a CSAT score of 90%, if we are asked to attain a rate of 85%.

Agent’s Productivity

We constantly measure agent productivity by measuring the total time an agent takes to get their work done. It can be any call center activity like answering calls, analyzing data, responding to tickets etc. Agent efficiency is directly linked to call center’s overall productivity. 

We can calculate agent productivity by 

Call Center Productivity = (Total Output / Total Input) x 100 

We manage a standard agent productivity rate by 85%.

Average Sales per Agent

We closely monitor agent’s performance regarding the number of converted leads and closed sales according to the target they were given

If we are given the demand of an average sales per agent at 80%, we achieve it at 80% which makes our achievement rate as 100%.

How do we Optimize Target Achievement Rate

We constantly try to improve our already outstanding target achievement rate by taking the following steps:

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