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Service Level

In call center industry, calculating benchmarks and performance metrics are a daunting task. We cannot expect to succeed in customer satisfaction, if we fail to calculate or measure call center metrics and then devise ways to improve them. Call center service level is one of the metrics and can be defined as a number of services provided to a customer in a specific time period. This is often used to measure the percentage of calls answered in a specific time. It can be time span measurements and grading of agents or for specific teams.

Calculating Service Level

Call service level is a very important benchmark to improve customer satisfaction and increase company’s sales. We take the following steps to measure service level:

Classifying Abandoned Calls

The calls that get disconnected before agents can take them are known as abandoned calls. We consider abandoned calls as missed opportunities and as each call is considered a potential sales opportunity. Abandoned calls negatively affect service levels. We believe in giving response on time and don’t believe in the assumptions that the abandoned callers will be contacted soon.

Service Level formula

Generally, the service level is calculated as the percentage of total calls within the service level threshold dividing by the total number of calls made in a specific period of time. 

Service level = calls answered within the service level threshold/ calls offered – calls abandoned within 5 seconds x 100 We take a 5 second delay as an human error and considering the fact that someone may have dialed mistakenly, have hung up and had no intention of taking assistance. We configure it on our ACD system.

 Decide on a Service Level Objective

We first decide on our service level objective by considering your business requirements and the needs of your customer. Our top most priority is always treating the customer with empathy, satisfying all of their queries and handling all calls as completely as possible.

Select Time and Threshold

We believe in short interval base calculation and mostly opt for hourly service level calculation. This helps us in relocating agents to attend maximum number of calls and adjusting staff number during off peak and peak times. Because of our need for high service levels, we prefer to assess it as frequently as every hour. Our frequent call service level assessment means we can track your business progress accordingly.

Departmental Analysis

We analyze data taken from all departments be it customer care, sales, business development, tehnical support or general support. It depends on the services provided by the business but we make sure we focus on every department regardless.

Data Collection and Analysis

After collecting the data regarding service levels and abandoned calls, it’s time for us to analyse the data. We use latest software to analyze service level and take important analytics which can be passed on to our clients to optimize business processes.

Data-driven Displays

We display all data clearly on dashboards for our ChatPandas to view so they can provide their input, solve issues real time and suggest solutions.

Optimizing Service Level

After analyzing and evaluating our service levels, we take the following steps to improve them: 

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