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Customer Effect Score

What is Customer Effort Score (CES)?

Customer Effect Score (CES) is a metric that measures how much effort a customer has to exerct in order to get their problem solved. CES surveys ask customer a question, ‘on a scale of very easy to very difficult, how easy it was for you to interact with the company?’. After asking this question, the customers are asked to give scores ranging from 1 – 7 with & representing the highest level of agreement with the statement and 1 being the lowest. 

If the customers are transferred to different agents, having to wait for a long time, repeat information or if they have to switch channels, it will be difficult for them to get their issue resolved and this increased effort will result in lower CES scores for a business. The more approachable you are for a customer, the higher your CES scores and vice versa. 

Customer effort is one of the strongest drives for customer loyalty. Customers are more likely to leave your business after a bad customer interaction and will also possibly share about their experience with others, negatively influencing your brand image and affect future sales. CES questions are typically asked from a customer immediately after a customer interaction.


CES was first introduced by Harvard Business Review article in which the author presented a research claiming that reducing the steps the customer has to take to get their problem solved is far superior than providing an extravagant service. Customer Retention Ratio and Lifetime Value (LTV) of a customer are the prime reasons behing the popularity of CES. 

However, just measuring CES is far from enough as it only measures a single support interaction. Customers may have a bad experience but they still may be likely to do business again. Therefore, CES should be used alongside NES and CSAT scores to get a more comprehensive view of the customer’s view of the business.


CES is has potential but it also has its limitations, however, it can be used to measure a customer’s experience with your business and along with that the option to measure their discrete experiences. We can help you in measuring the CES scores for your business by immediately sending a survey to all your customers after a customer interaction. 

CSAT will be able to provide you a general view of your customer satisfaction whereas CES is more targeted in its approach and can help you gauge the effectiveness of a single support interaction with your customers. 

At ChatPandas we deploy CES surveys immediately after a customer interaction or a touchpoint. Simply asking a customer how easy it was for them to interact with the company and get their issue resolved can also help you analyze customer trends. The questions can differ in their approach but their underlying principle remains the same. CES is an automated process with predefined scale and it can also help you identify if the customers will be back determining their loyalty proportion.

Advantages of CES

Limitations of CES

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