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During customer interaction, call quality is remembered even when the cost is forgotten.

A customer is the most powerful entity in any business and they can end the careers of everyone by just deciding to do business somewhere else. That is why customer satisfaction should be the top priority for any business as it can make or break a business. A call center agent might by the only interaction a customer has with your company so make sure you present your best face forward. With ChatPandas, we make sure we make a long lasting impression on your customers. Call quality is of paramount importance in this regard. Businesses who take measures to improve their call quality find it easier to satisfy their customers, improve customer experience and even find new customers.

Our Merits of Measuring Call Quality

We measure call quality scores by recording and analyzing interaction between agents and customers during a call. This helps us in determining the effectiveness of agents and respective departments. Call quality monitoring helps us in identifying which areas need improving so we can deliver high quality customer service to your customers. We consistently improve our resolution rates, abandonment rates, NPS, customer response time and waiting times etc on the basis of the results we get from call quality monitoring. 

To ensure quality, we take the following steps:

Seamless Call Centre Software

Our state of the art call center software equipped with latest technology helps us to improve call quality. It also helps us in effectively making new strategies based on the data and make better training modules, save time and resources.

Measuring Daily Service Quality

We analyze customer satisfaction, service level agreement and troubleshooting which is part of our daily service quality processes. We have complete 3D processes in place to maintain consistent call quality and improve customer support which in turn provides a complete customer experience.

Operational Cost

Measuring operational cost gives us a solid estimate of average cost of call and to keep the cost of calls to a minimum. Our quality assurance team monitors all operational costs which also includes not over burdening agents so as to not affect the quality of customer experience.

Call Productivity

Research and Pre-planning

Data talks, but only if we are willing to listen!

We not only collect valuable data by the metric we have in place, but also utilize it by deploying effective strategies and conduct research to improve our performance. We develop and modify training modules keeping in mind the data we received and train our ChatPandas with the strategies we have developed. We also have disaster management and escalation plans in place to make sure even if the traffic exceeds our forecast, we can resolve it timely.

Improving call quality

Call quality monitoring is essential for the efficacy of call centers and it is crucial to establish techniques and implement practices to improve areas that need to work. We have the following practices in place to improve call quality monitoring for better customer service. 

Consistent monitoring 

We believe in consistent monitoring of performance in the form of feedback forms and scorecards. We make sure the questions in the forms and surveys are helpful and is consistent with the policy that our clients have in place in their organization.

Making feedback a routine 

Feedback and coaching is our top priority. Feedback is a part of our day to day operations and we make sure we provide all kinds of feedback; good and bad to our ChatPandas so they can strive to serve you and your customers better. We have feedback forms and surveys in place and we consistenly train our ChatPandas based on the feedback received. 


Empathy is our first language. We are served by humans for humans and we make sure our ChatPandas learn the importance of humane responses. Our ChatPandas customize their responses based on the situation, cultural nuances and the purpose of the call. We have ongoing monitoring in place that measures emotional intelligence, soft communication skills, empathetic responses, professionalism and friendliness of our ChatPandas. 

Customer Behaviours 

Our ChatPandas understand customer’s needs and behaviours and learn customer behaviours to better identify with their needs. When they idenfy customer’s psychology, they are able to meet their needs proactively which saves time and increases customer satisfaction.

Consistent Monitoring

At ChatPandas, we consistenly monitor calls with the agents so that they know if they made a mistake and we encourage learning behaviors so they do not repeat the same mistake again. We have a healthy mixture of interactions while monitoring the calls and make sure agents coordinate in real time through our interacting software. We show real time statistics to our team so we have full transparency in the process.

Rewards and Appreciation 

An appreciate employee is a motivated employee.

We keep a culture of rewarding and appreciating efforts as focusing on the positives helps reinforce the things our employees are doing right and helps them take pride in their work. We give awards to the best performing employees so that a healthy competition is developed and they are motivated to do even better.

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