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Industry guidelines compliance

It is crucial for call center to adhere to the industry guidelines accoriding to the specific industry they are catering to. Have you failed to find one?

You have come to the right place. We understand the importance of compliance to the industry guidelines as one failure can destroy your brand’s image and we know that clients are hesitant in hiring those organizations that fail to protect their sensitive information. A compliance failure can also lead to penalties and lawsuits from concerned authorities and regulatory agencies. Not only do we strictly follow the industry guidelines, we can also assist you in following the safety guidelines and regulations of your industry.

Software to prevent data leaks

The loss of customer data, their personal information, business plans and all the financial information can be disastrous in terms of brand image and customer confidence. At ChatPandas, we have software to make it easier for you to establish data leak prevention policies to protect sensitive information. Our data leak prevention software are not only comprehensive enough to cover malicious leaks of all types of data but are flexible enough not to make it difficult to obtain productivity.

Encrypted knowledge banks

We use encryption method which means transmitting data into different forms which needs a key to translate it back to its original format. As our call center receives sensitive data which includes personal information of customers, their addresses, credit card information and identity information, encypting data provides an additional layer of security to discourage malicious leak and theft. It allows us to protect sensitive information and only a few trusted personnel have the means to access it. We document where the data resides, who has access to it, the source of the data and the destination. At ChatPandas, we use strong encryption at every level to ensure the sensitive information of our clients and their customers is protected.

GDPR compliance

With the General Data Protection Regulation laws, businesses are required to protect personal data and maintain privacy. We understand the importance of data privacy and make it our top most priority. We update our employees with the regulations and update them with the guidelines. We train our ChatPandas with GDPR guidelines in mind and make them realize that understanding the concept of GDPR guidelines is vital for them. We also gather our data and handle it according to the GDPR guidelines. ChatPandas is fully GDPR compliant and we have institutionalized it in our policies.

24 hours monitoring system

We have a 24/7 monitoring system with CCTV cameras and supervisors keeping an eye on sensitive data and all the activities happening in our call center operations.

Contact information

The contact information of your customers is always secured and protected with our top notch security and monitoring system.

Bank account details

Our security system prevents credit card thefts and leakage of any bank account details so you can be rest assured that your data is in safe hands.

Project confidentiality

Our ChatPandas will keep all your information including details about your upcoming projects confidential.

Safe file transfers

All files sent and received between your employees and any external links are kept safe via our safe routes.

Customer databases

Your customer database is always secured with our security systems in place.

Encrypted information

We encrypt sensitive information and choose the right encryption method to make sure your data is safe and secure.

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