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We manage our KPIs, provide omni-channel support and consistently track our benchmarks to provide you with an efficient contact center service.

Closed Loop Reporting

With our efficient closed loop reporting, our marketing and sales department collaborate with each other to share data and to act upon the feedback gathered. Many businesses assume that their responsibility ends when the feedback is gathered, however it is quite the opposite. When marketing and sales share data they close the gap between MQLs and SQLs and produce the best results. 

If we do not close the loop, marketers miss the data of how sales were converting the leads and if sales do not get data they cannot share which marketing strategies have been successful. By efficient collaboration, we are able to provide the best customer experience possible, qualify leads and increase ROI.

Conventional Call Center Metrics

We convert raw data from our call center benchmarks like first contact resolution, resolution rates, net promoter score, service level, attrition rates, customer effort score to make better decisions on how to improve our contact center performance to yield better results. 

Identifying issues and working to improve them means we strive to provide better customer engagement and provide better customer satisfaction. It can seem basic but it is extremely important to track and improve conventional call center metrics and convert them into insightful reports using call center reporting tools. This reporting allows our managers and supervisors to have a clear analysis of our day to day operation. With us constantly analyzing our performance, we can provide you with improved results.

Outcome Based Reporting

At ChatPandas, we know that if we want exceptional results, we have to implement measures that deviate from just traditional methods. One of these methods is outcome based reporting. Outcome based reporting is based on the results your business wants like better CSAT scores, better NPS scores, higher customer attrition and, obviously, higher ROI and make a report based on those outcomes. 

Our outcome based reporting aligns all operational metrics and then help us strategize and plan insights that can assist us achieve those goals. This makes us become better prepared to achieve the goals you have in mind.

Campaign based reporting

Do you have a new product or a promotion coming up? Are you hoping to have a successful marketing campaign? Then ChatPandas can help you in this regard. 

We understand a lot of factors go into planning and executing a marketing campaign and we are here to help you execute it in the best way possible. Our campaign based reporting helps you understand marketing trends, makes an analysis of customer’s needs, buying behavior, success metrics while aligning with your brand culture and vision. Our campaign based reporting makes sure you get the best out of every campaign.

Service level reporting

Service level reporting is crucial to analyze the level of service you are expecting and analyze the service you are getting. Service level reporting can also be used to analyze the result of recent campaigns or if you expect to achieve a certain level of service in a specific time, 

We include benchmarks in our service level which include customer request volumes, activity level, agent efficacy, attrition rates, and campaign analysis and product development. Micro metrics which are included are active cases, call resolution rate, churn rate, service level, backlog, agent activity, first response time, customer feedback, market research, market analysis and survey results.

Quality check and assurance reporting

Quality reporting is the heart of a call center and that’s why we take it very seriously at ChatPandas. Quality check and assurance reporting is used to gather and assess the effectiveness of call center operations and how well the agents are performing.

We use benchmarks like our call benchmarks, service level, call center efficacy benchmarks and measure the aptitude of our ChatPandas to use in this reporting. We also use benchmarks like call abandonment rate, average handling time, first contact resolution, resolution time, volume of inbound requests, forecast accuracy and CSAT scores in our quality checking reports.

Benchmark Performance Reporting

We, at ChatPandas, know how important it is to create benchmarks and to make sure the teams perform well enough to not only consistently meet those benchmarks, but to exceed them as well.

If you want to know how well your business is performing, we create benchmarks for you. After creating those benchmarks, we go above and beyond in maintaining customer service standards and make reports for you. These reports include metrics like first contact resolution, average handling time, csat score, NPS score, customer effort score, attrition rates, service level etc. You can sit back and relax that your customers are in right hands.

Prospects List Utilization Reporting

Your prospects are your leads and your leads are your gold mines. We make reports to compare and sort your lists to find high quality prospects and how they can be utilized. We call your prospects, and analyze how they were contacted and how these leads can be matured and converted. 

While utilizing prospects, there has to be a whole analysis as to how many of them responded positively, how these leads are converted into sales and which one of them can be pushed further down the funnel to nurture. We can also include in the report which are sales qualifying leads and which are marketing qualifying leads.

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