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Stop Worrying About Product Billing & Activations Related Matters

Our agents gracefully offer support for product billing & activation related queries to maintain your user’s trust in the brand. 

User Accounts Setup

Our work in keeping your company’s financial records includes organising and updating your customer database. We can help your staff create official accounts for new customers that want to register with your company. We collect that information for your business since they will have to submit their payment information in the billing section of their account. We add your newly registered clients’ billing information to your database. Our company makes it simple for your workers to access this information for work-related activities.

Verifying Customer Payments

Your customer will be informed of the precise amount that has been taken from their credit card or bank account when we help them pay for your goods or services online using your billing system. Your finance department is required to notify us of a comparable indication that they have acknowledged that payment at the same time. In order to verify that the customer has made the payment necessary for further processing of their purchase, we keep an eye out for this message. Your customer receives prompt notification of this verification and the confirmation of their order.

Confirming Customer Identity

We must verify your customer’s identity in order to confirm their order. We are aware of cybercrimes when perpetrators utilise victims’ credit card information to make purchases online. To ensure that the person submitting an order is the customer who was registered under that account, we thus conduct strict checks. Automated mechanisms are set up and tested to ensure that your clients’ billing information is kept private and secure. Additionally, our security procedures shield your company from fraud and online crimes.

Managing Subscription Renewals

We add your customer’s purchase to your financial records once they have signed up for a subscription to your services. We notify them when their subscription is ready to expire based on the subscription limit. If your customer has a monthly subscription, we get in touch with them to discuss renewal. We affirm that they may use your services for an additional month if they choose. We add their new option to their basket in case they want to test a different subscription plan that your business provides.

Rectifying Errors in Customers’ Bills

Our technical support staff can resolve the problem quickly, whether your consumers made a mistake during the checkout process or your automated system made a mistake. We investigate the cause of the billing issue as soon as we get the customer’s complaint. Once we’ve found it, we modify the information in your financial records. We can arrange the cancellation of your customer’s previous order and confirm their new order if they wish to do so due to the error.

Fraud Detection

Regarding the safety of your finances, there is no risk taken. To stop agents of fraud, our technical support staff set up security measures. Our alarm system alerts us to any suspicious behaviour, and we immediately take action to protect your company’s data.

Updating Records

We routinely organise the accounts of your customers in order to ensure the efficient operation of your business. We keep track of all the billing information updates they’ve made and make sure their most recent payment information is listed in your customer database for both current and future purchases.

Managing Returns

We can assist your consumers whenever they need to return money after being overcharged or wish to cancel a previous order due to an error. We handle their returns as quickly as we can after noting the billing problems they encountered for your records.

Selecting Plans

We can help your consumers choose subscription plans for your services and handle the payment processing for those subscriptions. After a while, if they decide they want to change their membership, we comply with your terms and conditions to make that happen.

Checking Identity

Our technical support has set up strict security that requires the authentication of clients’ identities and the accounts they are using to pay for your goods or services, all for the benefit of your company and your consumers.

Confirming Payment

We have made sure that your clients’ confirmation payments are processed as quickly as possible by optimising the procedure. Their order is processed and they are emailed their shipping information once we have verified their payment.

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