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Chat Pandas brings a personalized omnichannel customer support solution
to give customer queries a touch of relevancy, reliance & problem-solving.

 • 24/7/365 Support

 • Expert Assistance

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Who We Are

Answering Queries with Empathy!

Chat Pandas is on a mission to rewrite customer service industry standards with our omnichannel, personalized solutions. Expand your business and leave your customer-related matters to our qualified pandas who know how to serve people coming from different channels. 

And ensure they leave on a happy note before hearing ‘Feel Free to Call Us Again’.

What We Do

Our Services

Managed Live Chat

24/7 Call Center

Email Answering

Managed Technical Support

Whom We Serve

Personalized Solutions for
Evolving Business Needs

We know you have a revolutionary business idea but that’s incomplete until you work on your 6th success pillar – customer support! We’ve planned each solution exactly the way your customers expect while landing on your website or when we say “How May I Help You Today?”

Call Center

Ensuring there’s always someone qualified to attend to your customers from our Pandas and solve their queries in the minimum time possible. 

Live Chat

From locating the right page to suggesting to the visitors the exact information they’re seeking, our Pandas are always there to guide your visitors.

Email Support

Inquiries, order tracking, confirmation, and more…our Pandas are well versed with email support methods to attend to your customers. 

Technical Support

Solving problems with tier-based technical support solutions in a timely & efficient manner so your visitors always find answers at your website. 

Why Choose Us

Omnichannel support
Improved average waiting time
Reduced email volume
Higher conversion rate
Decreased bounce rate
Convenient communication
Increased engagement
Higher customer satisfaction score
ASA Time
< 0 sec
FRT on Chats
< 0 sec
Average CSAT
0 %
Client Retention
0 %
Ticket Handling
< 0 hr

Working Process

How Chat Pandas Work

Send Requirements

Describe your outsourcing project

  • Project Details

  • Team Size

  • Project timeline

  • Time zone and work hours

  • Future plans

  • Company overview

Set up your process

Project transition and team setup

  • We select the right people

  • We set up the systems

  • We implement your protocols

  • Training and ramp-up

  • Process takeover

  • Project Management

Ongoing Operations

Meet key metrics and deliverables

  • Goals and Objectives

  • Milestones and Delievrables

  • Quality Control

  • Work Practices

  • Log Term plans

  • Continuous Training


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