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You Set Standards, We Ensure Teams Follow!

Knowing if teams are following set protocols is as important as setting the ground rules. While you decide the work terms, we make sure that teams are following them at each live chat interaction.

Response Time

No one likes waiting especially when they need immediate answers! Think about it, you’re seeking an explanation or a quick answer but the person across you is nonresponsive. Sheer disappointment!

We ensure that your visitors get an accurate solution/satisfactory answer to their queries in a minimum of 15 seconds or less during the live chat session. This quick response policy helps you to cultivate a positive customer support image in your visitor’s memory.

Customer Satisfaction

Happy customers are the reason businesses thrive in the toughest economical conditions. And that’s what we prioritize while conducting live chat sessions on your behalf that gives your customers for coming back whenever they have a question. 

Our customer satisfaction score (which exceeds 88%) is our top priority while handling chats. And this has enabled us for developing a customer-centric approach for winning not just their heart but bringing more business to the organization.

First Contact Resolution

We receive tons of live chats on a regular basis but the important part here is the resolved chat percentage that is our prime focus. We believe that bringing that smile to customers’ faces when they find a solution is equally important as measuring the sales conversion ratio. 

So, out of every 1000 chats we receive, our focus is to solve as much as we can upon the very first contact by the customer. (BTW, we stand at 800 resolved chat records). And this gives us the confidence to serve your visitors with the pride of an 80% FCR ratio which, in itself, is a medal for us.

Key Performance Indicators

Every business is at risk until there’s a sound quality measurement system. And what better approach a business can use than looking at their happy customer ratio? While setting KPIs for your live chat, we give weightage to positive customer feedback and realign our priorities to make it even better. 

This constant feedback directly from the customers is what keeps us on the right track to delivering live chat support with a high satisfaction score.

Net Promoter Score

Your visitors would likely mention your business after leaving the chat. And we ensure they say all the positive things about their live chat interaction when mentioning you with friends or family. With our strategic live chat patterns, we strive to keep your NPS score higher and increase the promoters after every chat session. 

As soon as the chat is concluded, we never delay asking the visitor for rating their experience with our live chat expert. Their NPS feedback decides if we’re headed in the right direction or if there’s anything that needs to be changed in our live chat strategy.

24/7 Availability

We strongly believe that every query should be answered regardless of the time a visitor shows up. Because non-responsive live chat boxes are the biggest turnoff for any visitor having so many questions to ask. 

So, we devised a sound strategy that there’s always one of us to take an unexpected query at any time of the day. Not only our agents, we periodically upgrade our networks to stay online all the time and offer a non-stop, 24/7 live chat availability facility to our clients.

Employee Turnover

As much as we value customer satisfaction, we also prioritize agent happiness! It’s because when your team is happy, your customers are likely to get more from the business than just predefined solutions during live chat. And we strive to maintain a higher employee happiness ratio that is reflected on their work during every live chat session.

Customer Retention Rate

Great services/products are the reason customers buy from you but great live chat support is another reality that makes them stay. With our personalized live chat plans, we ensure that your customers always find a voice to solve their after-sale issues. 

We help you retain your customers with an Always-There-For-You chat support model that makes them feel heard at any time of the day. And this benchmark has helped us in maintaining our client’s customer retention percentage between 80-90% percent after the customer acquisition event.

Acknowledgment Rate

The problem with to-the-point, humanless chats is that your visitors may feel alienated on the website when asking for answers. And this could be a sign for them to leave the page instantly resulting in your loss. 

We’ve designed our live chats in a way that your visitors feel & express their acknowledgment of a positive chat experience. By far, we’ve been able to maintain our acknowledgment rate above 90% with our customer-centric live chat models.

Client Data Protection

Over the years, we’ve learned the value of keeping sensitive customer information secure and we use our resources for adding more and more safety layers to our digital infrastructure. We follow GDPR guidelines keeping our live chat support procedures in compliance with prevalent rules. 

Firewall security, antivirus layer, & spam, we have a plan for every cyber threat with our level 3 security structure. So, you can trust us concerning information access methods that are one of the major concerns of your customers while conducting business with you.

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