Live Chat Customer Service

Our first response time for live chat service is only 10 seconds!

Why Live Chat is important?

Usually the first course of action before someone decides to purchase a product is visiting the company’s website. While browsing, if they have happen to have a question and don’t find a quick answer than that is a potential sales opportunity wasted. That is how a 24/7 live chat service comes in handy.

And in case you haven’t noticed yet, live chat is our thing!


Our live chat customer service provides the following services:

  • Instant resolution to every query a customer may have in mind while going through your website.
  • Providing a high first contact resolution rate at a low first response time
  • Retaining your existing customers and boosting your conversion rates with quick and engaging communication.

Technical Support via Live Chat

Meet our industry expert ChatPandas!

We can handle all tech related queries on live chat and can instantly answer queries so that these customers don’t end up drifting away from your business in frustration.

Providing Tier 3 Tech support via Live Chat!

Installing and configurating your operating systems and applications, diagnosing malware and identifying software and hardware solutions, troubleshooting technical issues and resolving network problems

We Improve customer experience!

We constantly analyze reports generated by our CRM system and set KPIs to track the performance of tech support efforts like the number of closed support tickets and problem resolution time to improve customer experience.

Chat Management For Lead Generation

If a potential customer engages with a live chat agent, they are more likely to end up with a purchase.

…. Still not convinced?

Most of the customers reportedly made a purchase after having a good chat with a live chat agent.

Want more?


If your conversion rate optimization has not made any progress, it’s time to enter the world of live chat and hire our exceptionally talented Chat Pandas to provide this service for you. We believe that every query is a sales opportunity and we engage with all your customers, answering their queries and thus increasing your sales numbers.

Get More Sales. Guaranteed.

We provide live chat management which can help you with lead generation, sales development and other marketing processes like up-selling and cross selling, thus boosting the sales of your business.