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Offering Support for Complex Issues

Our agents have mastered the art of providing up to level 2 & 3 technical support for addressing difficult issues in record time. 

Customer Database Maintenance

Our technical support team is ready around-the-clock to handle your customer data and ensure that all of your business transactions go as planned. Outsourcing offers your business a special advantage that an internal team cannot. As soon as they are formally registered, we are busy adding new customers to your database. This is essential since your marketing staff has to keep track of every engagement they have with your company. If your consumers’ information wasn’t already kept when they placed orders for your goods or signed up for your services, it would be difficult.

Resolving Networking Problems

We have a team of industry specialists ready to address any issues that could be impairing the functionality of networking components at any time in order to uphold the promises made by your business. Our effective ticket management ensures that your customer won’t be kept waiting for a response for more than 24 hours, during which time the harm could have already done irreparable damage. When they call for help, we answer right away and work to figure out what’s really going on. Sustainable solutions are offered through the use of efficient methods.

Scheduling Scans for Bug Removal

We rapidly address issues, which are a persistent irritant from development through operation. To prevent their software from operating poorly owing to the existence of bugs, we suggest to your customers that they arrange routine bug scans with our technical support. We have developed reliable methods that enable us to conduct extensive but speedy bug checks on the systems of your clients. For each of these scheduled scans, a thorough report is sent to your customers and recorded in your business’s files as well. We adjust our timetables as needed to meet their unique requirements.

Server Configuration & Software Settings

Your team may rely on us to help them set up servers and other gear that supports your software for customers. Our technical support staff is fully qualified to configure your servers and manage software settings since they have access to your knowledge bases. Your team can assign us such work after hours, and we can complete them flawlessly because we are not time-constrained. We may configure the program’s settings to meet the specific needs of your clients’ businesses when we handle remote software installation or upgrades for them.

Optimization Strategies for Your Products

Once your product is out, our effort is not done. Through surveys and other instruments for response, we are in charge of gathering feedback from your customers. Their criticisms are useful for identifying technical flaws in your items at various stages. We create reports for your developers that detail the precise problems and the causes of them. Furthermore, depending on the information gathered from your customers, our technical support agents provide them with suggestions for enhancing your goods. Your business will be able to conserve resources while allowing your developers to concentrate on creating enhancements for your items.

Remote Installation

We can help your team manage remote installations after your customers have purchased your product during the times they are unavailable or overloaded with installation requests.

Managing Updates

We can plan the required upgrades for the software and programs that your customers have purchased from you. They are given advance notice of update timings for remote execution.

Data Report Analysis

Our technical support staff agents are continually monitoring how well your items are performing. We can integrate data from tracking feedback to create insightful reports for your engineers. These are beneficial for creating optimization techniques.

Configuring Servers

We take on the responsibility of setting your servers in accordance with the clear instructions of your specialists in order for your software and apps to operate as expected by your developers.

Removing Bugs

We plan bug scans and create methods to swiftly eliminate bugs because their existence in your goods is a continual annoyance for both your customers and personnel.

Networking Faults

We can assist your employees in maintaining the networking hardware and software used by your clients’ companies. We can reply quickly and fix the problem because of our trustworthy ticket management system.

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