Claim inquiries will always be one of the major reasons for customers wanting to contact you – it is imperative that the experience is efficient, convenient, and fast. We’ve pledged to resolve our customer’s problems with a quick response service structure.
It’s really infuriating and exhausting when you’re trying to claim the insurance for coverage but can’t discover the claim’s status. And it feels alienated when you’re left on the chatbot’s mercy who keeps you in the same loop. If you ever encountered this situation, we understand your pain!
So, we have devised an effective service platform that is capable of assisting the customers in identifying their claim’s exact status. Not only that, our Chat Pandas make it extremely easy for the customers (on-call) for managing to fill their claim requests and track their progress with ease.
We believe in delivering a human-to-human experience, in a way that makes our client’s customers feel heard & served properly!


Our services are extensive and cover multiple industries including (but not limited to):

  • Automobile
  • Property
  • Management
  • Life Insurance
  • Retirement
  • Investments
  • Health Insurance
  • Home Policy

If you are one of them, it’s time for us to get in touch!


In the event of loss, theft, or damage, the very first step is that a policyholder should take immediate action in informing the company about the current situation. FNOL is designated as the first touch-point a distraught customer has with the insurance carrier.
The policyholder may skip a few details while updating the company either due to the spontaneous revelation of the event or for being too concerned about the damage coverage. Nevertheless, our FNOL helps streamline this process by incorporating the following steps in serving your customers in the most efficient way possible.
Our Chat Pandas use the same checklist for gathering FNOL information from the customer that starts with maximum information collection and is considered completed with handling loss reports. From information collection to loss severity evaluation, and identifying the customer based on their purchased services, we repeat this drill with every new customer to ensure everything required is in our records with a touch of a little bit of concern, care, and compassion.
Which results in customer happiness, customer acquisition, and customer retention.
.. Because at the end of the day, it’s all about the customer!


In the event of a mishap or an unpleasant situation, the customer may not be in the best condition to speak and give the exact details properly that can be used for insurance claims later. We not just admit this fact but also try to offer the customer a relaxing, safe environment where they speak and report the incident knowing they’re in trusted hands.
Chat Pandas are highly capable of navigating from FNOL to collect the data during incident reporting and follow the process.
We start with collecting the policy numbers from the customer. Then, we move on to recording the date, time, description of the incident, and inform the nearest police station (if required). Our Chat Pandas then review the contract for the services involved along with the supplemental agreements.
As a final step of our incident reporting procedure, we collect the multimedia and attach it to the final report.


Mankind wasn’t so well connected before this era and today’s technology has solved communicational challenges for us. We tend to use this technological advancement to serve humans especially when they’re in distress and seek to be heard ASAP. To be reachable from a multitude of platforms online, we’ve structured our services so anyone in need can connect with our Chat Pandas and get things resolved, quicker.

Our superheroes – known as Chat Pandas can provide claim management services through multi-channel customer support. They can help the customers in processing claim forms as per the concerned company’s policies. Our Chat Pandas also extend their services for damage assessment via multiple communication channels. Apart from that, they’re also efficient in handling the billing issues of the customers. Our Chat Pandas are also capable of helping the customer with claim processing by aligning with the concerned company’s objectives.

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Our Goal

We understand that customers are dealing with an emotionally charged experience and it’s time for us to provide them with the best. Our goal is to provide convenience, an empathetic ear, and an easy, smooth process from FNOL to claim to process.

We cannot let your customers switch businesses now, can we?