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Chat Pandas brings a personalized omnichannel customer support solution to give customer queries a touch of relevancy, reliance, & problem-solving.

Everything At Your Finger Tips

We engage with your customers wherever and whenever they want Our ChatPandas Can Manage Your Customer Interactions Through Every Possible Channel.


Our Services

Our services are actually happiness providing solutions. Elevate your business, retain your customers and make everyone love your brand by hiring our customer support services. We provide complete solution for your business and support experience which translates to higher customer retention and higher happiness!

Call Center

We ensure there’s always someone qualified to attend to your customers from and solve their queries in the minimum time possible. Our ChatPandas can provide the following services through call centre:

  • Providing a seamless customer support experience
  • Creating the most satisfied customer base
  • Taking follow ups and generating leads
  • Providing technical support regarding software issues

Companies lose revenue when customers switch as a result of poor customer service but with ChatPandas, it is entirely avoidable.


Technical Support

Take advantage of our tech support solutions where our experts solve complex problems in a timely & efficient manner so your visitors always find answers at your website. Through our multi-channel tech support, no matter which channel a customer chooses to reach out to us, the information will be shared through all platforms. We provide level 3 tech support to include the following services:

  • Multi channel ticket handling
  • Remote troubleshooting and remote software update
  • Product activation, billing, integration issues
  • In app technical support

Managed Live Chat

From locating the right page to suggesting to the visitors the exact information they're seeking, our ChatPandas are always there to guide your visitors. We are the pioneers of Managed Live Chat services, answering the queries of your customers 24/7 in a quick and efficient manner.


Email Support

Whether there are inquiries, order tracking or confirmation, our ChatPandas are well versed with email support methods to attend to your customers. We can provide outstanding customer support via email includes resolving tickets, sending follow up emails and employing effective marketing strategies.


Ready to be Your Wingman!

It’s exhausting when you’ve too much on your plate and your consumers fail to find the solutions on your website. Chat Pandas step in with advanced customer support solutions to guide the unsure visitors, suggest the best fit to hesitant buyers, and solve customer escalations on a positive and cheering note.

Scaling New Heights with Every milestone

We took a leap of faith, and now we're soaring high with over 1 million satisfied customers.

Call Center

  • 30s RT

  • 3-5%CAR

  • 4m4m

Live Chat

  • 15s FRT

  • 60%NPS

  • 50-60%CR

Tech Support

  • 70%FCR

  • EasyE&E

  • 30mRT

Email Support

  • 15mTAT

  • 90%SS

  • 0LOI

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