Customer Support via Email

Your customers deserve better than long waiting times

— that’s why our response time for emails is less than 4 hours.

Our agents are professionally trained to provide effective support and resolve queries of your customers via email. We make sure every customer’s questions are resolved, we send follow up emails, resolve tickets and employ effective marketing techniques to not only retain your existing customers but converting new ones.

Not using email effectively as a tool to provide customer support?

You are missing out on a lot! This is important to us because reliable customer support increases customer satisfaction, and customer satisfaction leads to more sales.

Technical support via email

Everybody prefers to use emails and we have mastered the art of it!

Tech support get a little complicated than normal customer support but our Chat Pandas are trained to provide tier 3 tech support via email. They are able to handle everything from answering questions, analyzing problems, troubleshooting diagnostic issues, returning systems to their proper operation, solving software and hardware installation issues and much more.

Get tier 3 customer support!

We provide 3 levels of technical support, instantly reaching the root of the problem and helping customers with our step-by-step troubleshooting procedures.

Our multi-channel customer support makes sure that if your customer chooses one medium of communication, we make sure we get the information across all platforms.

Marketing and order processing via Email

Is the idea of sending and receiving hundreds
of emails daunting for you?

The solution is simple: Hire our ChatPandas!

Our ChatPandas can take care of email marketing, order processing (placement, tracking, and inventory management), upselling, cross selling and as well as return order management. We become a seamless extension of your sales team and take care of all marketing and order processing queries.

If you think email as a marketing tool has become obsolete, think again.

Emails are still the most effective one to one communication in marketing and will be so - probably ever.

We are able to customize our services based on the needs of your business, so whether you are a small scale business or a large enterprise, we have something for everyone!