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Putting Customer Satisfaction First!

Incorporating customer satisfaction at the top of our priority list while offering live chat support!

We highly believe in maintaining both business objectives and a higher customer satisfaction ratio while offering our live chat support. And that’s the reason that our live chat team has maintained an 88% customer satisfaction score from the very first day. While rating our live chat strategy, we incorporate customer satisfaction scores as a way to measure our success. 

Our customer-first approach has opened various doors to success since we’ve started our operations and we practice it every time a visitor clicks the chat button on your website. Because we know how a happy customer paves the road to the company’s success and becomes a volunteer in educating other about the awesome services your business offers.

How Do We Calculate Customer Satisfaction?

Different industries incorporate variable metrics to measure their customer satisfaction level. We, at Chat Pandas, have learned a refined and transparent methodology for measuring how satisfied or unsatisfied a customer is. And this information helps you in predicting future sales & repeat customers. These mechanisms are

Conventional Customer Satisfaction

One of the ways that we use to measure our live chat support quality is through sales volume. It’s an easy approach to calculate customer satisfaction score by looking at the number of sales. More sales indicate higher customer satisfaction and lower sales graph is enough to take notice of a poorly managed live chat support.

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

We make customer loyalty checking even easier for you by incorporating Net Promoter Score (NPS) in our live chat support module. This easily segregates those who, sooner or later, would detract from being a regular customer from those who highly speak of your quality services/products. And honestly, answering from 10 (Most Likely) to 0 (Least Likely) is a lot easier than jotting down the words to express one’s experience with a company.

Real-Time Customer Feedback

Using Real-Time customer feedback is one of our benchmarks that help you in identifying happy (& unhappy) customers right after every chat is concluded. Before the visitor leaves the page, he’s given the option either to ‘Thumbs Up’ or ‘Thumbs Down’ to express his overall experience with the agent. This little integration not only helps you in calculating your average happy customers but you can also keep track of the best agents on the floor.

Involuntary Feedback

Knowing the customer’s experience is very important and we achieve this objective via our involuntary feedback after the chat is concluded. Understanding what they truly feel about the product/services can help you in spotting customer journey hurdles and improve CSAT for retaining them as a loyal consumer.

First Response Time

One of the ways we rate our live chat support is by calculating our FRTs on a regular basis. We thoroughly observe how quickly our agents respond to every new query and set our future course of action based on their first response time. 

Conducting this FRT check allows us to understand the loopholes or success ratio of our live chat support strategy. And we can assess chat duration, average waiting time, and the number of chats along with calculating FRTs. We ensure that all our agents follow 20 seconds window for answering chats as a way to keep the visitor happy and make them feel positive about your customer support selection.

Average Chat Duration

For evaluating our agent’s performance & live chat support’s effectiveness, we constantly check the average chat duration per agent. Ideally, a positive live chat experience is between 8 to 10 minutes which also serves as an exemplary live chat benchmark. Chats closed too early indicate a poor experience and the prolonged ones hint at the inefficiency of the agent. So, we closely examine these points to decide if the agent is qualified for handling more chats or needs a training session for retaining our FCR goals.

First Contact Resolution (FCR)

We measure FCR (First Contact Resolution) for rating agent’s performance and ensuring the quality of our live chat support plan. It’s a metric to check if our agents successfully resolved the visitor’s concern on the very first instance of their interaction through a live chat session. We calculate FCR by incorporating chat transcripts, returning customer ratio reporting the same issue, chat surveys, and chat analysis. And we ensure that our chat support team keeps the FCR ratio at a higher number which serves as a mark of our success

Focus Groups

When your customers have a lot to say, we listen closely to their concerns via focus groups and analyze the most common issue that the majority is reporting. From major concerns to new trends and minor suggestions, we keep an eye on every detail they ever mention via comments, threads and various other ways. This practice helps us in rating our live chat support’s current quality and adjust it for future just the way your customers expect it from your chat support partner.

How Do We Optimize Customer Satisfaction?

  • We focus on concluding visitors’ overall experience right after the chat ends by discovering their pain points and satisfaction level which sets our direction for further improving their experience.
  • We also incorporate agent ratings left by each visitor and monitor their skills to solve customers’ queries in a welcoming manner for deciding if our chat modules need revision or not. 
  • We’ve analyzed various verticals such as queue list, agent’s activities, and chat transcript to conclude the average response time i.e. 20 seconds. 
  • We make sure that our agents conclude every chat in an ideal timeframe by following the set guidelines coupled with training sessions and thorough product knowledge. This monitoring practice allows us to maintain our FCR on an ideal level. 
  • Above all the metrics and targets, our prime goal is to maintain buyer retention rate and customer loyalty graph. And we achieve these objectives via surveys, current live chat evaluation techniques, and maintaining our customer query database. 

These roadmaps prove exponentially beneficial for rating our live chat support’s quality and maintaining the graph upwards and keeping the negative aspects to the minimum.

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