Call Center Customer Service

We have increased CSAT scores of our clients by a whopping 50-60%

At ChatPandas, we provide customized plans which are tailor made for your business and we work hand in hand with you to provide a seamless customer support experience creating the most satisfied customers and in turn increasing your sale numbers. We, here, thrive at ChatPandas to deliver a customer experience right from the time the customer has their first interaction on the website.

We take your customers from pre sales to after sales, guiding them all the way through, transforming their customer journey.

Real People.
Real Conversations.

Since we are the pioneers of great customer service, we can tell you where it starts from: Having less robotic responses. We know it is crucial to understand the customer issues and be thoughtful of the customer’s situation while replying to their queries. Our ChatPandas communicate with them with empathy and personalize their responses based on the context, sentiment or flow of the conversation.

Technical support through Call Center

Do you know we have dropped abandon rates of our clients
from 30% to less than 5%?

We are offering up to tier 3 technical support which means absolutely no query goes answered. Our ChatPandas provide support regarding software issues, installation queries, remote desktop support, troubleshooting or any technical issue your customer may face.




Our technical support staff provides instant solutions to the all tech related queries your customers may face while using a product. The team is specifically trained to be familiar with the ins and out of your product so the responses can be instant, precise and solve the root cause of the problem. We become a natural extension of your customer care department providing instant administrative support.

The End Result:

No more frustratingly long waiting time, recurrent explanations of the issue or making the consumer switch back and forth,

Just a Seamless Support Experience!