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Customer Happiness

We have increased CSAT scores of our clients from 35% to a whopping 82%.

At ChatPandas we live and breathe customer happiness. We ask customers to fill CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Surveys) to get customer feedback after every call or customer interaction. We interact with customers personally, solve queries real time and show empathy and human responses to obtain higher CSAT scores. 90% of our customers give us highest score which makes our CSAT score 90%.

ChatPandas is synonymous with Customer Happiness. Our high CSAT scores means exceptional support experience translating into satisfied customers at every interaction.

Call Quality

Our Call Quality benchmarks measure the efficacy of customer interaction through call recordings, email exchanges or customer satisfaction surveys. Our Quality Assurance Department monitors all calls to ensure highest standard of customer satisfaction and we have developed protocols which are covered by our ChatPandas during customer interactions. Our Call Quality benchmarks include how the call has been answered and how well we guide them to resolution.

Our team monitors call quality through scorecards and we have departmentalize monitoring based on different calls, recognizing successful behaviors, saving sample phone calls, improving processes based on feedback and holding regular in person reviews.

First Contact Resolution

First Contact Resolution refers to all customer support interactions successfully resolved on first call or contact using only one touch-point. FCR is an important metric for a call center as it monitors effectiveness of customer service.

Ideally, FCR means that no repeat interaction for follow up was required after the call to resolution of the query. It is considered as the best measure for the efficiency of call center and actually saves resources making sure no additional time is spent on unnecessary customer support. The higher the rate the higher the customer satisfaction is. Our ChatPandas have maintained FCR of 70%.

Conversion Rate

Are you converting your website visitors into leads?
If you have an ecommerce business, then conversion rates are one of the most important metrics for you. It is a crucial outbound call center performance metric. You could be losing potential customers and sales revenue if you are not converting leads. 

We are the industry leaders of lead conversion with a consistent conversion rate of 45%. At ChatPandas, we consistently strive to maintain and improve this rate by employing a rigorous hiring process, offering quality support, consistently training our agents, monitoring our progress and implementing continuous process improvements, re-routing calls for proper support.

Agent Attrition

High attrition rates have a tremendous impact on call centers because they lose revenue as a result. However, we have employed measures to reduce it which starts with optimizing a rigorous hiring process, enhanced training programs, customer centric metrics, establishing clear communication channels, establishing recognition and rewards program and embracing a coaching culture.

We provide a skill based development programs, offer continuous opportunities for promotion of our employees and provide the latest software and tools and continuously improve work conditions. Because of these measures we have managed to make our attrition rate as low as 10-15%.

Service Level

Service level is an important metric for our availability to the customers and a good service level indicated that the strategy to manage callers has been well implemented. It is calculated as the percentage of calls answered within a targeted time.

To achieve better service level, managers define specific goal of maximum number of calls in a predetermined threshold which can help them measure call center productivity and quality of customer service so they can answer more calls, reduce waiting times and provide better customer service. Our service level percentage is 90% and we achieved that within a threshold of 20-30 seconds.

Back Log

Unresolved tickets, entering data into CRM, sending demo invites can create a back log and a spike of ticket problems grown too quickly for team to keep up. We break back log into prioritized groups, sort out tickets based on urgency, set up scheduled responses for pending tickets and reduce call abandonment rates to reduce back log problems.

A bit of backlog is to be expected but our ChatPandas complete all tasks as to not create a snowball effect. We try to achieve maximum efficacy, keep our benchmarks at the targeted level and reduce backlog without compromising on the quality expected of us.

Brand Culture

An agent might be the person your customer interacts the most with at your company so it is important that you present your best face forward. If you create good brand ambassadors, you can make a loyal customer base. Our ChatPandas work as an extension of your company as they are passionate to learn about your brand and are as committed to its success as you are.

Customer Support is the heart of any consumer facing operation. With ChatPandas, your company’s brand image is in safe hands as we work with you hand in hand to protect and strengthen your brand image.

Targets Achievements rate

Whether your organization has customer support issues or you are not generating as much revenue as expected, we make sure to work with you to help you achieve your targets. We research and help you strategize to reach goals. We make sure and other crucial aspects of learning must be constantly developed and reinforced to ensure target achievement rate.

We research about your requirements and take help of technology and data driven insights to provide accurate results. Our target achievement rate is 95% as we have helped businesses achieving customer satisfaction, customer retention, uphold a better brand image and increased their revenue.

Net Promoter Score

We have increased Net promoter score of our clients from -32% to 88% in a year.

We calculate Net Promoter Score using a scale of 0-10 and ask customers how likely are they to recommend the brand to a friend. As we all know that a happy customer is a walking advertisement, we give great importance to customer perception. NPS is a leading indicator from growth and along with other benchmarks, it gives a complete view of customer experience performance and it can be a predictor of business growth. Our NPS score usually falls from 60-70.

Call Abandonment Rate

One of the core goals for call center is to reinforce a relationship with not only the existing customer base but also with the future ones and call abandonment rate plays an important in determining customer engagement. Call abandonment rate is when the caller hangs up before an agent can resolve their query.

Calls can be abandoned due to long waiting times, lack of confidence on part of the caller in the agent or frustration due to any reason. However, different call center technologies can combat high abandonment rates and we employ plans like A/B testing of welcome messages, self service IVR, reducing call abandon curves, improving agent scheduling, offering call backs, reducing after call work and AHT and have successfully taken our abandonment rate to as low as 5-7%.

Churn Rate

Churn rate refers to the percentage of customers who terminate their relationship with a business within a specific time period. Calculating churn rate allows you to calculate customer lifetime value, measure business performance. Churn rate can be calculated by the number of customers left divided by the total number of customers (including old customers and new ones acquired) multiplied by 100. 

We have been able to successfully reduce our customer churn rate by as low as 2-4% with successfully employing customer retention strategies which includes following up with customers, offering countdown promotions, identifying complaints and using AI based call routing.

Resolution rate

Resolution rate compares the number of tickets assigned to an agent compared to the number of tickets resolved during a specific time. Resolution rate is the indicator of the overall efficacy of a call center by calculating the performance of agents.

At Chat Pandas, resolution rates are one of our biggest strengths as we have strategies in place to increase it. We calculate several metrics like agent score, survey rating, holding time, average time to resolve, acceptance rate and outbound interactions to calculate resolution rate. Our constant updating of knowledge banks, rigorous training methods and a learning culture helps us achieve a 95% resolution rate.

Customer Effect Score

Customer effect score is a metric that determines how much effort a customer has to do to get an issue resolved. It is measured by surveys that typically asks questions like how easy was it to interact with the company on a scale of very difficult, difficult, neutral, easy and very easy.

Customer Effort Score (CES) is an easy yet an important benchmark to measure customer loyalty and loyalty is an important pillar of successful businesses in this competitive economy. At ChatPandas, loyalty is of the utomost important to us and therefore, customers have always chosen us as ‘easy’ and ‘very easy’ to interact with which depicts our success.

Forecast Accuracy

Forecast accuracy refers to the ability of managers in call center to forecast inbound call volumes accurately. If the number of calls are above the forecasted numbers, customer’s service is going to be affected and if the number is lower, call center will be overstaffed. We gather real time and historical data across specific time periods to accurately forecast call volumes and take appropriate measures to handle it.

Due to our accurate forecasting of 3-5%, we have been able to improve experience for employees and customers while effectively managing budgets. At ChatPandas, we believe in continuous improvements more than just benchmarking.

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