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Developing Trust via First Contact Resolution!

Solving queries quicker in the very first chat interaction & gaining visitors’ trust via customer-centric live chat support.

What is First Contact Resolution (FCR)?

First Contact Resolution (or simply the FCR) is a metric to evaluate an agent’s ability to solve visitors’ issues on the very first contact. For understanding FCR in a more detailed manner, consider yourself as a consumer who’s forgotten his bank account password and is unable to recover the access. He reaches out to the bank’s live chat support on the website, explains his issue and gets directed to the password reset page, and ultimately recovers his bank account. This is one of the scenarios to describe FCR that caters to your business in many ways, primarily saving your organization from a bad impression in front of your customers.

How FCR is Calculated in Live Chat Services?

Calculating FCR offers you more insights into different dimensions of your live chat support but first, you need to pick a range. The range could be any point in time e.g.normal seasons to holidays for evaluating live chat volume and your agents’ performance with each session. You can look at how each session, during the variable time period, goes and how soon the agent was able to solve the visitor’s problem. This comparison would offer you the details of how an agent handles chats in normal or high-volume seasons. 

Based on the agent’s FCR rate, you can predict if there is a need for more agents or if the current team is sufficient to manage live chats. This data proves valuable for setting budgets, deciding workforce requirements, and analyzing various others aspects of your live chat strategy. You can personalize your FCR measurement techniques to go specific about certain aspects such as demographics, high chat volume, peak hours, and frequently reported problems and compare it with the resolution time by the agent. 

You first need to pick a time range, gather data, and clean it by excluding certain elements in order to measure the FCR. Elements such as random chat queries, repeat visitors, or internal communication should be eliminated from the data collected, and then you’re ready to calculate the FCR ratio using the formula mentioned below: 


FCR = Issues resolved in the first contact/Total issues reported x 100


There are more options than you can consider while measuring FCR such as segmenting the chats according to query’s nature, marketing inquiries, billing status chats, and sales queries, etc. The more segmentations you add to your FCR measurement purposes, the more detailed analysis you can conduct for personalizing (or improving) your live chat strategy’s quality. And with variable FCR ratios, you can make quick improvements as well as take the quality standards to new heights.

How Does It Affect Customer Satisfaction?

Despite having access to prominent evidence of how better FCR indicates the superior quality of an the organization’s customer support, many prefer to be responded promptly. But FCR surpasses the quick response metric when we look at the customer satisfaction ratio in the long run. 

Suppose, you contact two different customer support via live chat reporting for almost identical issues but one fails to resolve it in the first attempt and the other resolves the problem. Although you have a very good response time with the former live chat option, your problem still remains there for the 3rd time when you’re contacting them. Now, who do you prefer to choose for your future business based on the resolution experience? 

That’s the reason companies focus on improving their FCR ratio along with maintaining a decent response time just to facilitate the visitors and retain them as a customer. To put it in simpler words, a better FCR ratio brings improvement in your CSAT, too, if done rightly.

How Do We Improve FCR?

Our biggest achievement is the 80% FCR score out of 1000 chats we take on a regular basis. It’s because we put customers first and try to solve their concerns on a priority basis so they don’t have to contact us for reporting the same issue. Not only this target motivates our agents to do their best work but it also contributes to our customer experience which is equally important to us as achieving our chat targets. 

We maintain our excellent FCR score by instilling the customer-centric approach in our agents during the training period. This means that our agent focuses more on solving visitors’ problems than achieving his daily chat targets. This customer-first approach involves the agent in the conversation and they bring a human touch to the chat rather than just following the protocols or redirecting the visitor to a webpage. Not only did we see a boost in our team’s productivity along with better FCR but also earned a positive name when our visitors kept coming to the chat box with more issues having a feeling that they’ll find a solution quicker. 

We not just stop there at offering prompt solutions to visitors’ queries, we study the data collected on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. This scenario study helps us in personalizing our responses for future live chat sessions having similar nature. And this is where we keep on winning our visitor’s trust when they find solutions that satisfy them in a shorter duration than going through various steps. 

And as the last step of our strategy building and quality check, we study how each agent is performing in their daily chats. This gives us an insight into who’s performing well and who’s doing an okay-ish job signaling us to take appropriate measures to keep the excellent live chat quality intact.

Final Words

Where businesses, today, rely more on numbers and sales conversion, they’re also acknowledging the importance of customer satisfaction which is closely connected with customer retention. Increasing and maintaining the first contact resolution helps businesses in achieving success in previously mentioned metrics to measure their progress. Although it may seem ordinary in nature but offers your business immense potential for growth in the long run when your customers leave happy and return with new query (and sometimes new business). 

After witnessing our clients grow because of a better FCR ratio, we strongly believe (and preach) that adding a 1% improvement in your first contact resolution impacts positively on other live chat metrics and you effortlessly retain your existing customers when they know they’ll be heard whenever they need help.

The importance of metrics like conversion, retention, and customer satisfaction is undeniable but they fail to offer you insight into your agent’s abilities during work. Measuring the FCR ratio from time to time allows you to differentiate those agents who not only follow protocol but also manage to keep the customer happiness bar is high from those who perform poorly. And based on this invaluable data, you modify your live chat training modules and help agents with poor performance understand the ins & outs of customer-centric chat support and achieve your customer support goals faster.

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