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Guaranteeing Faster Application Support

We offer your application users a faster, smarter technical support & boost brand loyalty. 

Problem Identification

Correct problem identification is essential to a quick response. One of the key elements of the resolution methods we have designed for providing your customers with good technical help is our thorough approach to identifying the core of the problem. The time we save by having our agents ready for the many issues that your customers can run into increases the effectiveness of your technical help. We have already compiled a comprehensive list of technical issues with your items and their root causes. This greatly expedites the identifying process.

Cross-Selling to Your Customers

At ChatPandas, we understand the importance of cross-selling for your business. That’s why we have a dedicated team of email operators who focus on increasing order values through cross-selling. Our team provides actionable data reports to your staff, highlighting the details of cross-selling accomplished within a specific time period.

We don’t just stop at providing the numbers; we also analyze the data to identify the cross-selling combinations that your customers were most receptive to. We categorize customers based on products and services and provide your sales team with insights into the most successful cross-selling pairings.

But we don’t just focus on the successes. We also take a look at the cross-selling pairings that didn’t perform as well and provide suggestions on how to improve them. Our official reports ensure that your sales team is equipped with the information they need to make informed decisions and increase sales through cross-selling.

Resolution Protocols for Applications

We have smart procedures prepared to handle even the most challenging inquiries since we foresee the problems that your customers may encounter when using your products. You may relax knowing that every one of our methods complies with your requirements. Particularly when it comes to complex systems, we value the assistance of your expertise in the creation of these protocols. Having knowledge bases about your goods and services to use as a reference offers us important information that helps us develop vital procedures for technical assistance. These procedures also significantly speed up problem solving.

Managing Software Acquisitions

You can rely on our industry experts’ experience in acquiring the most recent and up-to-date software for your new software platform. To make sure that everything goes properly, we operate under the guidance of your specialists. The benefit of outsourcing technical assistance is that we can manage software purchases even when your specialists are not accessible. To arrange the many processes involved in the acquisition procedure, we can work with your personnel. For your company, we may also handle the communication with pertinent parties.

Up to Level 3 Technical Support

We categorize all incoming inquiries into three fundamental categories for the benefit of your customers and to boost the effectiveness of your technical help. The upper and lower bounds of these levels are determined by your personnel, not by us. We ensure that the technical support levels are appropriate for the nature of your goods and services. Specialists are given the most difficult inquiries so that others can handle the lesser ones. This helps conserve resources and promptly attend to the challenging instances

Maintaining Consistent User Experience

We help you by offering technical assistance to your customers for a variety of your goods and services. It might be challenging to maintain consistency when dealing with many categories at once, therefore we take safeguards for this reason. We can better execute our goals if we maintain a central platform where information from many communication sources is recorded. We approach user experience both in terms of categories and from the standpoint of specific communication channels. By doing this, we can guarantee a consistent customer experience regardless of the product we are assisting with or the platform we are using.

End User Support

You may count on us to support your personnel as they allocate and address inbound technical inquiries from your customers. We identify which level that specific inquiry falls under and proceed to address the problem.

Client-end Support

Our technical support doesn’t just focus on assisting your customers; we are also accessible around-the-clock to help your staff members solve technical issues utilizing their industry expertise and in-depth training.

Fixing Bugs in App

Your customers routinely voice complaints about your apps’ performance problems, inconsistent use of specific features, and difficulty to preserve changes, all of which might be caused by bugs that we find and fix.

Apps Crashing

Your application may be crashing for a number of reasons, all of which we are aware of. We are able to prevent your applications from crashing because we have carefully examined how they work.

Interface Errors

Errors may occasionally occur due to numerous underlying causes, even if you have built a user-friendly interface for your apps for the convenience of your customers, but we are able to solve them.

Manage Migrations

When your team is overburdened in this area, our experience in managing migrations of both new and old software acquisitions to your software platform comes in helpful. When required, we can intervene and assist them.

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