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Agent utilization

Agent utilization

Our teams work efficiently to optimize agent utilization and deliver maximum output for you

Efficiently managing the email service desk involves carefully balancing headcount and agent utilization. By measuring the productivity of resources invested in handling inbound and outbound emails, we can optimize our service desk’s operational hours, scheduling, and workload distribution. While we prioritize customer satisfaction, we also strive for cost-effectiveness and avoid overworking agents to maintain morale and avoid turnover. We maintain an additional 10-15% capacity to handle spikes in ticket volume, while maintaining an 80% agent utilization rate.

We also understand that agent utilization is not the only metric to determine the efficiency of our email service desk. We keep a close eye on other key performance indicators such as first response time, resolution time, and customer satisfaction scores to ensure a well-rounded and satisfactory experience for our clients.

Our team is constantly striving to improve our processes and optimize our resources to provide the best possible service while keeping costs in check. We believe that a balance between efficiency and cost-effectiveness is crucial for the success of our email service desk, and we work tirelessly to achieve it.

Significance of Calculating this Metric

In order to maximize profits, businesses strive to maintain high quality standards while minimizing costs. One way to achieve this is by analyzing the average agent utilization and cost per ticket. High agent utilization is associated with lower cost per contact, whereas low agent utilization results in higher cost per ticket. Therefore, managing labor productivity is crucial to control costs and improve service desk efficiency.

Rating Agent Utilization

The calculation of this metric is not a straightforward process, as it takes into account several variables such as work hours, breaks, vacations, leaves, training time, and more. However, we simplify the process by using this formula:

How we optimize this Metric

Our approach to customer support is centered around maximizing agent utilization in order to deliver top-notch service. Here’s how we achieve this:

  • We analyze your desired service level and optimize agent utilization accordingly. If you require a faster response time, we’ll deploy additional agents to ensure that your needs are met.
  • Our standard response time is within 15 minutes and we schedule our representatives to maintain this standard during both peak and off-peak hours.
  • Our software actively assists our reps by providing automated responses based on A/B testing.
  • In addition, we provide customized responses tailored to your specific product, ensuring quick and efficient resolution.
  • Our analytics are constantly updated with information about your product, particularly in advance of any new campaigns you may be launching. This provides a valuable resource for our reps, who can easily access this information using specific keywords and tools.
  • Our software prioritizes emails into two categories: general and personalized responses. We send an instant alert to customers letting them know their query has been received (within 15 minutes), and then forward an acknowledged solution with a request for confirmation that the issue has been resolved (within 2 hours).
  • We offer multiple channels of support, including email, chat, and phone, to ensure that customers can reach us in their preferred way. Our reps are trained to handle all channels efficiently and provide consistent support regardless of the channel used.

By employing well-equipped and alert reps, utilizing reliable software support, and conducting proactive analysis, we are able to deliver personalized solutions without causing frustrating waiting times. We prioritize personalized customer care and strive to provide service that delights every curious mind.

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